Friday, November 2, 2007

Review: Lote Tree Chocolate Cake Soap

The Lote Tree. One of the best bars I have tested so far. Let's put the scent aside for a moment and look at the bar. Nice soap stamp. I love the whole soap stamp thing and I'll tell you why it is a good marketing idea. Once I am in the shower and I have used the soap a few times, the name has been winking at me all week, yeah? ...when it gets time to wanting another, I think, "who made that bar?". If you are faced with the stamp for a few days, you are more likely to remember the soap-maker. So stamps are not just beautiful if they are done right, they also make a good selling tool, so your hard work gets remembered.

OK, back to the bar. I get in the shower, as I do every morning, and I take my chocolate cake with me which has been sitting there waiting for me to try it. She was-a-calling on Halloween, so I say (out loud, no less), "Lote, come with me!" I get in, get wet, and when the bar touches my skin ... BOOM, it instantly is lathering, the foam encompassing my body as I rub rub a dub. Great, big lather.

I couldn't place the scent, though. It was chocolate-y but not quite like chocolate cake. I sniff, I lather some more and then it hits me especially now that the candy season of trick-or-treating is upon us. It smells like a big fat Tootsie Roll!

The best part: it has exfoliating bits (exfoliating coffee grounds) throughout the whole bar for a truely invigorating experience.

So Halloween morning I lather with the yummiest soap filled with Tootsie Roll power and instantly I am in the spirit of the Day Of The Dead. Lote, oh yummy bar, you are so sweet! This one gets a thumbs up. Go to Jessie's Etsy shop and shop.

Jessica Booth: soapmaker


PhatLady said...

Thanks for taking the time to review! My husband has been after me for a long time to change the name to tootsie roll!

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this