Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Soap Making Boot Camp

Maybe this holiday season, give yourself or a loved one a soap making class. I know of two places that specialize in this that I would love to do in a heartbeat...(wink wink).

The first:
The Nova Studio in California with Lori Nova and David Critchfield
They are holding a 2 day Boot Camp on Saturday, January 26th and 27th (8 hours per day-16 hours total). See the description here. The cost is a mere $250 + a $25 materials fee.

Day one will be the basics on learning cold process soap making, including history, chemistry, using herbs and clays...etc. Second half of day 1 will be the "intermediate class" learning scent and color technique, embeds and swirling techniques.

Day 2: The first half of the day will be about hot process soap making and all that entails and the second half of day 2 is called,"Big Batch/Production of Soap" class. David teaches about making large batches of CP soap and offers tips on selling your soaps as a business. Limited to 14 students.

Amazing. I want to do this!

The other soap making classes I know of are taught by Anne-Marie (the soap-queen blog) or one of her soap making gurus of Otion in Bellingham, WA. My luck, both class offerings are on the West coast.

Otion has a Basic Soap Making class that is offered on Monday December 10th, from 5:15 pm- 7:15 pm. Limited to 7 people and costs only $25, but bring your apron, goggles and gloves.

Two very different classes, obviously. One is 16 hours of learning and the other 2 hours. So, if you live near Seattle, I'd say,"go get some classes at Otion", but if you live far away, it sounds like The Nova Studio would be an intensive workout for someone who can splurge for airfare, hotel accommodations, food and the class.

Update: Back Porch Soap Co. teaches soapmaking, natural skincare formulation, liquid soapmaking, anti-aging as well as bath & body business classes in Boston, NYC and San Francisco.


Carrie Garvin said...

I have never seen soap making classes offered where I live on the east coast. I'd love to attend a soapmaking 101 class. Back to the basics would be as much fun as networking with other soapers!

Susan Mann said...

The Nova Studio looks like a brilliant place. Kudos to fellow IBN member, Lori.

Have a great Thanksgiving, Joanna. The best to you and yours.


Anne-Marie said...

I've been wanting to go to California to take Lori's boot camp class. She is such a smart savvy gal and I know I would learn something new.

Anonymous said...

hi. im a stay at home mom. and i would like to try soap making to make use of my idle time. Where should i start? can you teach me how to make soaps? thank you very much.. would really appreciate your help. i love your blog. kudos!

Kristi said...

Does ANYone in the South do this??

Joanna Schmidt said...

FiFi, go to any of the wonderful links under SOAP RELATED SITES on the side bar of this blog. There are many tutorials and great information out there.

Kristi, I wish! I am in Florida with no soap camps here. If anyone knows, please share!

Lori Stoia said...

I have taken several of Lori Nova's classes. I took her intro to Cold Processing Class in November 2007 and will be taking her CP 201 class in January 2008. I want to take her Hot Process Method class the next time she offers it.

Highly recommend all of her classes!

Gluten Free Food said...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know of CP soap making clasess on the East Coast? You West-Coasters are soo lucky!! :)

Anonymous said...

There is a place in Ponta Vedra in FL where you can take a class on soap making