Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cupcake Bath Bomb Porn

Check it out, Check it out..
Hey Lady Cards & Feeling Smitten

These look just like cupcakes, I can't even STAND IT!!!

Oh, baby, I gotta get me a cuppy cake...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Of Me

The point of divulging information about myself is because I think it's fun to find things out about people. Regarding politics? No, not at all. I hate knowing and I hate sharing. I don't want to know about which way people are voting and why. I care to not know. Yes, I prefer to stick my head in the ground with this one thing, please.

Perhaps sharing is a dreadful mistake, but of all the stupid and crazy things I've done in my life, I think I turned out okay. I am honest, fair and I always try hard to do the right thing in everything that I do. Perhaps to a fault.

SO, if I'm judged, then so be it. Here is PART ONE of my list of things about me.

I've seen a paraplegic woman on the boardwalk of Atlantic Beach lie on her stomach on some cot and play the Star-Spangled Banner on a keyboard with her tongue. Oh yeah. Pure culture and talent right there in Jersey.
I don't like beer.
Or whiskey.

I have funny ears.
I have never been stung by a bee.
I am 5'7" tall.
I weigh about 120 pounds.
I'm 38.
My shoe size used to be an 8.5 and now it's closing in on 9.5.
I wanted to be a cop.
I wanted to be a doctor.
I love food.
I love chocolate even more.
I love good wine.
I get migraines regularly. Probably from the chocolate and wine.
I have Crohn's Disease.
I hate most bras.
And traffic.
And long lines.
And when my kids fight.
I lost $125 in cash in the twenty seconds it took me to drive from the atm to the restaurant.
Epidurals do NOT work on me. Can you say natural childbirth against my will???
I like driving.
I like watching movies.
I have a lot of patience.
I hate sweating.
I went to High School in NYC.
I graduated from college in 1992.
I used to want to be rich and famous.
Now, I wouldn't mind being rich and famous without that bad stuff that goes with it.
I have lost 4 very close family members in three years.
I love making soap.
I love using soap.
I love getting soap as gifts.
I love handmade gifts.
I love sushi and Indian food and vertical food displays and steamed lobster with clarified butter. ohhhhhhhh.
My middle name is Rachel.
Christie Brinkley looks more beautiful in person than in any modeling picture I have ever seen.
I have vivid dreams every night.
I look forward to sleeping because it's a whole different world I visit and belong to.
I have three cats.
I used to own and ride a motorcycle in NYC.
I've been a bartender.
I've known my husband since 1985.
My birthday is July 11, 1970.
I used to be painfully shy.
I'm scared to get old.
I have a tattoo.
I want another.
I lived in an apartment where our bathroom was outside our apartment in the common hallway.
My first car was a 1978 Audi 5000 in chocolate brown, stick shift.
My second car got shot in the West Village in NYC while I was taking an acting class and I would get pulled over all the time after that and get asked why I had a bullet hole in my car. It was a big hole right next to my gas tank. I would shrug.
I gained 65 pounds when I was pregnant with my first child. Lost 60.
Gained 34 pounds with my second. Lost 24. Don't care.
At a wedding in the Hamptons a few years ago that I was attending, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. staggered up to me holding a glass vase with flowers and said to me, "They said we could take these." And raised his thick eyebrows and shook his head up and down (as if I was questioning him!). Did I look like I was hired help or coming at him with my finger outstretched and waving at him?

That concludes this part because I've exhausted myself talking about ... myself. I challenge all of you to take a look at yourself and perhaps try this ... yourself. On your blog if you dare. It brings back memories.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Grumpy Girl Is A Party Girl Is A Pretty Girl

cupcake bath bomb

This is just about the prettiest thing I've ever seen. It came wrapped in clear cello, then placed gently in a clear plastic case. For $6.95, I think this is a GORGEOUS gift to give to anyone! And honestly, it looks just like this. It's not like the picture is much nicer than the real thing. Nope. It is exactly like it. This one is called Head Down Clown: The unmistakable combination of violets and juicy tart lime. MMMmmmmm.

I got a few bars of handmade soap from Grumpy...aka Sharon, but because of the scents, I was unable to use them in my bathroom (no patchouli because of husband...see there's a man in my shower)

The Acid Trip is gorgeous and I will definitely have a give-away and include that. Somebody will be a lucky duck with this one. A meditative unisex blend of patchouli, sweet orange, lavendin, pine, lemongrass and elelmi, with notes of incense, amber and musk.

acid trip

Also in there was It's Got Balls soap (hehe): the blue ones below

It's Got Balls

The one I actually brought in the shower with me is this pinky one:

deceptions and lies soap

Black raspberry vanilla. Yum. It was very sweet, had long lasting lather with nice slip and worked very well for my shaving. I loved the swirl, the smell, the topping texture, her clear labels (very professional) and all the names of the soaps and the copy. All fabulous. Thank you, Sharon, for a wonderful experience and for the prettiest soaps and bombs around :) Go to her Etsy shop and peruse....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My New Header, Thanks To The Smelly Chick


In early September there was a give-away at Marr Williams' blog, Smelly Chicks. Marr is a graphic designer and she was giving away some customized blog and Etsy design work. The winners will win:
  • 1 Custom Blog Banner
  • 1 Custom Etsy Banner
  • 1 Matching Avatar
That is a big prize. Well, I WAS ONE OF THE WINNERS.

I am very happy with my new blog header. Those are some of my favorite colors and I think she did an awesome job. I had totally forgotten that I get an Etsy banner, too. WOAH. It's like I won the Lotto!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Witness His Electable Goodliness

If you don't already know, my husband, Brad, writes his own blog, Bone In The Fan. He recently decided to run for local office here in Palm Beach County (yeah, pretty impressive). You should read his take on the whole thing: Witness My Electable Goodliness

Promises, promises. Free BBQ and naked girls? Politicians are all alike! ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Carmindy Give Away Winners

I had a give away this week. The Hachette Book Group offered to give the
new Carmindy book away to some of my readers- - FIVE of them were being given away and I'm announcing the lucky winners!!

randi lyn a.
teresa r.

Email me: jo(at)productbody(dot)com and give me your address so I can have the book people send you a copy! Congratulations to you lucky ones!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Short Hair AND In My Bathing Suit

My son shot this of me after we went swimming last night. Then he taped his wobbly loose tooth.

Don't be mean. It is short. And SASSY!

Talk About Freeing Yourself!

Remember I Wanna Chop Chop? Well,
I did it. I'll keep you in suspense, not that anyone really cares, but it'll be fun for me to drag this out a little because it IS so drastic. ;)

I feel so much better not having much hair. My son isn't happy, though. He loved running his fingers through my hair, but all in all, I think it's nice. It's not up. It's not on my neck.
I only used a tiny bit of shampoo. I didn't have to wear a towel turban this morning. Things are looking up.

I know I owe you a soap review of Grumpy Girl. And tomorrow is the Carmindy give-away reveal. Go get your friends to comment! I'll get to it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Carmindy Give-Away

I got this very pretty book in the mail today from Hachette Book Group. So I am having a give-away! Five copies are up to win. You have to do two things, though. The first is enter yourself by leaving a comment about any beauty routine you have (ANY!). The second is getting others to come and comment as well and say you sent them. Each time you have someone mention that you sent them, you get an extra two entries towards receiving the book. So, you get one entry for commenting and TWO entries for referring a friend to my blog.

Here is a description in the promo material:

In GET POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL, makeup artist Carmindy, from TLC’s hit shot What Not to Wear shows you how to change your mindset from negative fault-finding to a positive beauty philosophy. You learn how to find and focus on your best features and how to combat negative thoughts about your appearance. Carmindy demonstrates easy makeup techniques for the eyes, brows, lips, cheeks, and skin, and how to adapt looks to different weather conditions and “beauty moods.” Completely unique, GET POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL mixes self-help and makeup how-to in this total beauty book.

Give-away ends Monday night at 8pm. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Martha Stweart Blog Contest

Martha Stewart wrote about blogs and even had a show with Perez Hilton. She wants bloggers to comment on her post about blogging for a chance to get featured on her blog.

A Pretty Soap With No Future

This is one of my favorite soaps I've made so far, but the titanium dioxide didn't fully mix for my lighter topping, so I got white powdery dots that smeared when I cut the soaps. Every bar looks speckled and smeary (you can see the smear better if you click on it and blow it up to a bigger size).

The scent is a warm and lovely Graham Cracker Carrot Cake - OMG, yummmmm!

I'll have to try again, because this is too good not to share :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The FDA Globalization Act of 2008

This is a letter I received from Debbie of Wholesale Supplies Plus. Please fill out this very short survey so that she can better represent us small business owners. Please read on...

The FDA Globalization Act of 2008

The United States Energy & Commerce Congressional Committee is discussing a draft bill they have entitled “The FDA Globalization Act of 2008”.

While this discussion bill is not yet a formal bill, which can be voted into law, it addresses problems of food chain supply and consumer safety as it applies to drugs and cosmetics. It is expected to become a formal bill soon.

I am most concerned with this draft bill as it pertains to small businesses producing cosmetics such as lotions, lip balm, bath salts, shower gel, moisturizing soaps, etc.

If this bill becomes a law, as it is currently drafted, and you are producing cosmetics you will be required to:

• Annually register your company with the FDA.
• Pay a fee of $2,000 per year.
• Register all ingredients in each of your individual formulas.
• Document good manufacturing practices.
• Report all adverse reactions.

I know the hardship this potential legislation will have on small businesses in our industry. Now is the time to act. This discussion bill is not a full bill. There is still time to have the language modified so that it does not interfere with your business, product innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of the American Dream.

On September 24th, I will be making my first trip to Washington DC. I will be meeting with several people including Senator George Voinovich, Senator Sherrod Brown and Congresswoman Betty Sutton.

I need your help for this important visit. Please take the time to answer the following 10 questions. I will be binding your answers into a book for presentation with additional support materials.

Please pass this link to every appropriate blog, website and social network. It is time for us to stand together so that our voice can be heard as one!

Click Here to Participate

Sincerely Yours,

Debbie May
President & CEO
Wholesale Supplies Plus.com, Inc.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Wanna Chop Chop

winona ryder

I am totally ready to chop my hair off. Long hair is nice, versatile and very feminine, but I have too many issues with it, I'm ready to lop it off...NOW.

Since I gave birth to my second, my hair falls out. A lot. I have to wear my hair up or hair will be on the floor, in my food, down the drain and on my arms (tickling me). I'm also getting very grey this year. If I have super short hair, I can color it a different color every month if I want, because if I damage it, it'll grow out and get cut off in a month or two.

I just asked my son if her liked this haircut. He said, "Why, Mama? So you won't be hot?" Then he suggested I just cut it to right above my shoulders. He loves to play with my hair when he's sad. So I don't get his vote. Or my mother's, daughter's or husband's.

So it's me who thinks it might look really great and be really freeing. I must just cry my eyes out and be so sad and feel so ugly or I'll be happy I did it.

What do you think?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cereal Challenge Results

If you didn't get a chance to read the
Cereal Challenge feel free to before reading the results.

You all did SO well and I give you a gold star and an E for effort. Since the challenge, I added Honeycomb to my pantry, because it was calling to me the last time I shopped.

I'm a health nut. I know.

The results are in:

1) Frosted Flake

2) Grape Nut

3) Organic Clifford's Crunch (no one in this house likes these, so I'm eating them)

4) Rice Krispie

5) Cheerio

6) Fruity Pebble (awful-this was a moment of giving in...choosing my battles as I say with the 8 year old in tow)

7) Corn Pop (aka sugar pops -Karyn remembers)

8) Organic Wild Puff (my kids love these!)

9) Cinnamon Toast Crunch

10) Kix

So, who came closest?

  • Leslie with 8 correct
  • Marr with 8
  • Heather with 8
  • body natural soap with 8
  • Crystal with 8
  • Stickygooeycreamychewy with 8
Since no one won the challenge and there is a 6 way tie at number 8, I'll have to start a new game and give you all another chance at some goodies.

I'll try to think of another challenge.

Thanks for playing...it was too much fun for me. My favorite comment was from Crystal:

"Okay, here's my last try. I went to the store to buy cereal today and ended up in the cereal aisle for 15 minutes trying to find these."

Now THAT is a true competitor!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cereal Challenge

I recently sent a Product Body package to Leslie Green of The Hungry Housewife and included an Apple Jack in a Ziploc bag labeled, "This is what I have to resort to since your banana bread is gone :( " If you didn't read about our trade, you can right here.

She thanked me for the Froot Loop, and of course, I had to correct her immediately. I gave her a bit of a hard time for not knowing the Four Basic Cereal Food Groups, Apple Jacks being one of them. This inspired me to give stuff away and thought a cereal challenge could really allow you to think back to older days, or just from this morning, what cereals you might have in your repertoire.

The remarkable thing about this whole thing is that I didn't have to prepare AT ALL. Yes, I have TEN cereal boxes in my pantry, not including oatmeal and cereal bars.

Are you a cereal connoisseur? Do you know your cereal and if so, prove it! The first person to correctly identify all ten cereals wins! What do you win? It'll be a surprise, but work hard, because you never know what the prize could be!

1 2 3


5 6 7

8 9 10

Leave your comments with your answers! A helpful hint: Click on the photo to get it enlarged and to see more detail. Sorry, #4 was a beast to photograph for some reason.

UPDATE! Bigger hint: Two of them you can find in the natural foods isle.

Keep trying!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fair Trade Unrefined Shea Butter

Snowdrift Farms is now stocking fair trade unrefined shea butter. I think the prices are very reasonable once you're at the 5lb mark and of course, the 59 lb. mark is even cheaper, but that is A LOT of buttah! Shea butter is lovely in soaps and you can feel good about buying this shea.

They also are offering some Halloween melt and pour kits for the upcoming holidays and free shipping on essential and fragrance oils.

Also, if you ever have questions about certain ingredients or regarding preservatives, etc., you can contact them
and within a day, the chemist will get back to you with some very helpful comments and suggestions. They are super knowledgeable and have been nothing but helpful.

Butter up!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Yuzu Batch

Here is another soap batch I scented with yuzu. It definitely smells WAY different than it does in my bath products. I like the pool in the background. It's a dramatic contrast: the black with the water....

More soap reviews soon!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marr! Marr! Marr!

Marr Williams over at Smelly Chick is having an interesting give-away.
You can
win a custom banner design for your blog and Etsy shop!

Why do I tell you if I want to win? 'Cause I love you ;)

Go enter for a chance to win!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Orange Peel Soap


all sliced and curing happily. I used Orange Valencia essential oil and orange peel powder sprinkled on top. Smells really nice and cheery. I just hope the scent doesn't disappear like my pink grapefruit parfait soap did.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sugary Brown Soap, Sliced

Remember how pretty this was? It didn't last. I covered it with a plank of wood and the board was touching the top, so the sugar wave was messed up. This is how they came out cut up. They smell divine! Fragrance revealed soon....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Love Dirty Loves Clean

Dirty Loves Clean is w o n d e r f u l. I showered with Guava Loves Yuzu this morning and I think I am in love once again. You all know I love yuzu, but throw in a tropical fruit to boot and you got me!
Guava Loves Yuzu
Not only does it smell wonderful, it looks beautiful and it has scrubby bits in the pink part! Sesame seeds, in fact, but I think they are ground up slightly because they don't seem as big as a seed. In any case, I love that only half of the bar is scrubby. Then it gave me the chance to scrub if I felt like it, and then for my more delicate areas, I could run smoothly with the bar. In addition to all of these lovely attributes, it has copious foaming properties! I was in the stream of the shower, picked up the bar and before I even got to rubbing it vigorously between my hands, it started to suds immediately after the first pass. Loved that. Shaving: Because the soap had amazing sudsy action, shaving was a dreamy non-irritating experience (thank goodness). I coated my legs with lather and then before I shaved, I rubbed my legs without the bar of soap and more lather came. The lather was having lather-babies! The lather was birthing in right in front of me! Soap babies.

One of the things I love about this one-woman company, is that some bars of soap are coupled with a neighborhood in New York which I love because I am a former New Yorker. For instance:

Greenpoint Baked Bread
Oh my goodness, this smells absolutely like freshly baked bread. I LOVE IT! I keep it right by my computer and snif it 4 or 5 times a day. Notice the wrap is made with a subway map (brilliant)

Manhattan Big Apple

Coney Island Beach

Williamsburg Lager

Where's Red Hook?

Michelle, thank you for sharing your soap. I think I love you!