Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Blue Handmade Soap

I've been missing browsing for hours looking for beautiful soaps to admire.  Today marks a week of rain and clouds, not to mention the oppressive humidity here in south Florida, so the browsing has upped my spirits.

Thank you to all the incredible soap/bath & body making artists that brought me solace.  Here are a few that stood out for me especially.  ;)

The Charming Frogloofah soap

The Pig and the Peacockisland breeze

The Lathered Lamb, azure blue soap

Nature Nurture Soap, blue geode soap

Elixirium, greek sea salt soap

Auntie Clara, ballsy

Soap 54, lavender soap

F and L Company, deep blue sea salts

Go check out some of these artists and support handmade!