Saturday, October 18, 2014

Photos Forgotten

I've been awfully thoughtful today.  Had a 3 day migraine that made me temporarily insane but I worked through the week anyway.

This morning, the quietness of the house and the early onset of head pain, naturally lended itself to a 4 hour nap.  So when I woke up, I'm feeling still.  The birds are chirping and there is nothing else.

I have been wondering why photographs have always touched me.... made a deeper, scar-like impression more than any other medium.  I think part of it has to do with the very stillness and quietness that it captures, much like what I felt this morning.    A photograph is a fragment of a something that is captured in a moment in time and that moment can never be captured again. Photos are silent, so you can only SEE the message.  Too many people rely on the said word, when the said word is never what we can count on.  It's the action that speaks louder.  A loving glance across a room can be extremely powerful between a couple, but holding hands and saying, "I love you" doesn't mean anything if you don't feel it.

A photographer has done his or her job if the image took me away, even for a moment.  I am just sharing some of the ones I looked at today.

dancing girl 60's

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Eartha Kitt, '52...killing it


side show 40's

chicken and smoking boy

nyc subway