Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Peek Before It Browns

I tried a new scent out (Blueberry Vanilla from Daystar) and I kind of figured that it would brown due to the vanilla content, but I used some, not a lot, of titanium dioxide and blue mica for swirls in a test batch.  You can see the swirls on top that went brown after three days.  Even though the whole test batch will be brown as a bear, I captured the blue/yellow when I cut the loaf.  It reminded me of those rocks that look plain on the outside and once it gets cracked open, there are gorgeous jewel-like stones inside.  I've seen them in museums and specialty gift shops.

Sad to say, but completely expected... the soap is now fully brown, but it was fun to stare at it while it lasted. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carrot and Other Ramblings

I have been playing with vegetables and fruits in my soap and I am really loving how much of a vitamin punch it gives the soap.  The next batch I'm making will be with carrots and perhaps goat milk or buttermilk.  Haven't decided.  I am going to make it a facial bar so I am thinking white clay, a few extracts, chamomile, shea butter and rice bran oil.  I'm not sure if I should scent it with an essential oil or just leave it pure.  My feeling is leave it pure and unadulterated.  I'd like to use carrot seed oil, but I don't have any on hand and it is quite pricey.

Budgeting now... trying not to spend everything I have before the holidays.

There are so many fragrance and essential oils I want to try and there are so many I have that I don't use.  I wish there was a room where everyone could put their unwanted oils and choose the oils they wanted from others and it wouldn't cost anything.  We could just trade up.

Yeah, I'm a dreamer.  But that would be nice, right?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cocobong Sends Me Soap

Featured here before you are soaps from Germany.  Julia, of Cocobong, is a friend of mine and she decided to send me a care package.  Aw.  These three soaps were so delicately and carefully wrapped in beautiful paper and raffia.  It took everything in my power not to dig in before the camera came out, but I'm so glad I waited because this first shot is my favorite.  It's simplistic beauty is what I love so.

When I finally got into the soaps themselves, I found these.  Petit Monsieur, Pure, and Florida Sunshine.  I love the smell of each one, even though Pure is unscented, I do like the smell of unscented soaps.  :)

I must admit, I haven't tried them yet due to my incredibly busy schedule as of late, but I needed to post these pictures.  Why deprive YOU of these soaps, right?  I want to give Julia's soaps the attention they deserve, so I don't plan on washing my hands quickly or showering with one just to throw up a review.  I must savor the moments with each bar.  And then return.  

Thank you, Julia for your generosity and powerful kindness.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Post

My mother periodically writes about her experiences that she has with my products.  Here is her story of the weekend:

"I wouldn’t define myself as a miser, but when it comes to my daughter’s products, I use them sparingly or until they beg to be thrown out.  Well, this week-end my granddaughter was over and of course teenagers shower a catrillion times a day.  So I thought nothing of it, until last night when I went to take a shower.  Then I saw my prized soap, (one I had been saving, still in its wrapper, that Jo made for me some weeks ago, that smelled like fresh spring flowers in a green field and it exfoliated) opened by that child.  I was waiting until the soap Jo had previously given me was down to the size of a quarter before I replaced it.  SHE SAW IT, WANTED IT, OPENED IT - AND USED IT…….Of course Jo would say, well that’s what it’s for.  
Ohhhhhhh, she doesn’t understand.  But she’s right, of course. 
If that wasn’t enough, the second trauma of the week-end was when Jo asked me to bring my jar of Crush On You to her that I kept next to my bathroom sink.  I thought perhaps she was going to use it, I use it sparingly, but she’s the artist of these soaps so I would never deny her.  I brought her my jar and she poured it into the sink.  I drew a deep breath and said “What are you doing!?”  She said, “How old is this jar?”  “I don’t know, a year?”  She then gave me a Crush On You that had a magnificent scent of summer fresh air, freshness: Sexy Laundry Day.  “What is wrong with you? I make these products and you save them like they’re irreplaceable.  You need a fresh one.”  I said, “they’re precious to me”.   
I love my daughter. 
Anyhow, the lesson I learned from my two girls is “learn to treat yourself better, lavish yourself today or your stuff will get sour.”  That goes for everything in life………….."

Ugh, my mother who saves her soap for two years... what am I going to do with her?  She can have anything she wants from me and she uses the products as if she can't get anymore.  I am trying to teach her that USING the soap and sugar scrub is good and that I will replace it whenever she needs it.

Hopefully, she will learn.  ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pieno Vonios Soap Maker Feature

I have admired Evelina, of Pieno Vonios, for some time and it just makes sense to show off the nature of her work with many photos to make you swoon the way I do.  Swooooooon..... According to translations on the internet,  Pieno Vonios means Milk Bath.  I don't speak Lithuanian, so I'm not sure if that is a correct translation.

I am blown away by the beauty of these soaps.
The photography is also outstanding and creates such a peaceful mood with the use of natural light, that it just relaxes me when I gaze upon her soaps.

Oats, milk and honey goat milk soap

and then, cut...

looks like white chocolate fudge! Yummy...


I would love to know where to get my yearning hands on some of her soap.  Evelina:  Do you sell your soap online?  That would be awesome.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maleficent Megtron

Meghan's fingers!

We got a wonderful product review from Meghan Runyon who writes Maleficent Megtron.  She is the owner of Dreaming Tree Soapworks and has become a good friend of mine.

She wrote a glowing review stuff she bought from us.  Now let me tell you this about that:  Meghan has high standards and is very critical of body products so, suffice it to say, I feel pretty good about this review.  I didn't ask for one and I didn't know it was coming.  She blindsided me with compliments and I am blushing. (Loving it!)

You must visit the very talented Meghan, of Dreaming Tree Soapworks, who makes excellent B+B stuff including the best candles.  My favorite candles burning in my house, like ... always burning, are Hobbiton Banana Bread and Naboombu Isle!  Ahhhhh.

She rocks.
Thanks, Meggie!
Meghan Runyon

Please go visit her blog and read the awesome review!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration: The Soap Bar Flickr Group

Prairie Mist by Shieh Design Studio

Lemon and Juniper Soap by Тонкая Материя

Lemon Poppy Seed by Life Soap Simple

Cocoa Orange Pie by LIfe Soap Simple

Cucumber soap by Spiral Soap

Honeywash by Laurence73

Pine Tar Regular and Shampoo Bars by Appalachian Heritage Soaps

Coconut Milk Soap by Sraigutes Namukas

I love that I set up the Flickr group and I'm tickled that we, as a community, are using it.  But a reminder:  The group is as strong as it members.  Keep sharing!  :)  We all love the soap porn!!