Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I'm all buzzed up with excitement.  I am going to the Handcrafted Soap ans Cosmetic Guild's Conference and I am beyond excited.  Not only am I crazy nervous, but totally excited about speaking at the conference.  I am SO looking to fly on a jet plane out of my "real life" for a few days and talk soap and have fun with some wonderful people that I have become friends with on Facebook.

I am really not a social creature by nature.  I have been going through, I guess, something of a growth spurt (or...uh..upheaval) in myself.  Taking notes, reflecting, growing through life's memories and traumas and placing my inner self under a microscope for inspection.

Whatever mess has been occupying my brain for the last couple of weeks has taken up a lot of space.  The opportunity to connect with people is refreshing, because I don't mingle much.  I get out, I meet up with friends and family, but mostly, I'm a homebody.

I decided to share some photos of mine as I am in a reflection period....