Sunday, June 8, 2014

Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!

I've always loved the scrubby manliness of an exfoliating bar of soap.  Something so perfect about scrubbing the dirt off my skin that makes me feel extra clean and feeling refreshed.  I think the only scrubby soap I did not care for was luffah soap.  I felt like my skin was being scraped off with razor blades.  And I like my soap rough, too.  Ground coffee, sand, volcanic rock, whatever....but you can keep your whole loofah and razors.  It's just not for me, thank you.

SO I've been looking around at exfoliating soaps, loving the texture of seeing them, being that I don't really have them in my hands right now.  So I have to imagine.  SO my imagination brings me soap porn...which I share with you lovelies...

made with coffee grounds and oatmeal.  Nomm!

made with pumice, cornmeal, yerba mate and walnut shell powder

made with lavender buds, orange bits

made with pumice and poppy seeds

made with pink Himalayan salt, black Australian clay, aloe powder, activated charcoal

made with dandelion leaves grown in the soap makers garden!  A beautiful green!
(I think I need to buy this one)