Sunday, August 29, 2010

S.O.A.P Panel Chosen For Brambleberry

Anne Marie, of Brambleberry, chose a few people to be on a panel to help choose the spring 2011 line of fragrances. I was one of the chosen! As part of the panel, I am supposed to test, sniff and give my detailed opinion of the fragrance. They are in for a treat because I have such a keen sense of smell and a picky nose. I think I smell nuances others might miss. In that way, I think I'd be good, because I'll be giving loads of information. Whether they use it or not is a whole other story.

I am excited. Anne Marie will be sending out 8-10 one ounce bottles of the fragrances she wants each panelist to test.

I know, I have nothing else on my plate. O.o

Oooooo. Excited!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Black Ops

I snuck in soap porn without telling you in the title. :)

Gaze upon these beauties! I had black soap in my head this morning and how lucky was I to land on such pretty soap? Had to share, of course!

xo Joanna

by Inner Earth Soaps

by Vermorlian

by Lippincott Soap Co.

made by The Morbid The Merrier

by Latherati
(inspired by Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

End Of Summer Cocobong Soap Porn

c o c o b o n g s o a p s

I stumbled across Cocobong bouncing from another blog a few months ago and became mesmerized by the soaps and by Cocobong's general attitude about them. She liked her soaps simple and natural looking. She is her own person on her own journey with her soap making, and her blog invites you to take the ride with her. I am pleased I got on shortly after she began and I hope she continues to share because I like long rides.

Here's some Cocobong soap porn. The first one reminds me of the diffused lighted Greta Garbo pictures of those days, yeah?

100% coconut milk soap, with virgin olive oil and shea butter

Curd Soap

All of the photos below can be found on Cocobong's Photo Gallery

No. 6 scent: Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Vanilla and hints of Patchouli

Sweet Basil. with fresh, organic Sheeps Milk!
scent: Sweet Basil and Lime

No. 10: with Goats milk, organic Honey and Cocoabutter!
scent: freshly brewed coffee, with notes of sweet Orange

She is currently living in rural Germany. Go visit her blog if you'd like to step on.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Two New Soaps That I Love

I'm in heaven with my two new soaps.

I made two new batches of soap. One with a new scent I created for autumn, Poison Apple, and an old favorite that I'm bringing back, Chocolate Dipped Orange.

The Chocolate Dipped Orange was one of my original scents back in 2004, and a fave among the chocolate lovers but two years ago when I introduced Dark Chocolate Almond, no one bought it anymore, so I put it to rest. This year, I thought I'd bring it back for a short time as a limited edition scent in our Scrub-Of-The-Month Series and also offer a soap and the soap smells awesome! I've described this scent like those special chocolate candies you can buy that comes in a box and looks like a chocolate orange. You take it out of the box and smash it on the table and it breaks into little sections of orange slices - - except it's chocolate. It smells JUST like that. I will be calling them Smash Ball Sweets. I'm sure they will darken as they cure, but I'm loving the pattern they have going on.

smash ball sweets

My second soap is my new favorite scent. Poison Apple. Mmmm. Crisp fresh, apple, gooey caramel, black pepper and a sprinkle of graham cracker crust. I've made a perfume oil with this scent I love it so much.

poison apple

I made small batches so I better get going on producing much more because if you all like them as much as I do, they'll be gone in a flash. Did I mention they are goat milk soaps. My next one will be coconut milk soap for vegans. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Destash.... come see!

I have some fragrant oils you might be interested in and what better time to do this?? Right before the smelly holidays!

I just blew a wad of dough on FOs and there are so many that I have I do not want, so I will lay them out here and you all can let me know if you want them. Some of the bottles are full and untouched and some are 1/2 full. I will give you my honest estimate and you'll have to trust that it's pretty accurate.

All are unavailable.

Jasmine Yin Hao FO (Oregon Trail Soaps) 2 oz. SOLD

Ceylon Black Tea FO (Oregon Trail Soaps) 2 oz. SOLD

Carrot Cake Candle fragrance oil (Brambleberry). 8 oz. This IS over a year old but smells really good. Good for candles or wax tarts.

Sugar Cookies FO (Southern Soapers) 4 oz. SOLD

Raspberry Bombe FO (Southern Soapers) 4 oz. SOLD

Vanilla Hazelnut FO (MMS) 1 oz. I paid $3.00 plus shipping. Opened it, but never used it.

Pumpkin Pie FO (Brambleberry) SOLD

Birthday Cake FO (Peak Candle) slightly under 4oz. Approximately 10 months old. (good for candles, B+B, FP 154 degrees) Smells like icing.

Sandalwood FO (Brambleberry) 4 oz. SOLD

Bug Be Gone EO Blend (Brambleberry) 1/2 oz. SOLD

Vanilla Oleoresin -water soluble (MMS) 1/2 oz. SOLD

Interested in anything? email me! jo at

xo Joanna

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cold Plasma Give Away Winner!!

Cass wins the Perricone give away!


Cass please email me at jo at productbody dot com at let me know your email and mailing address so I can get your prize to you.

One Hand Washes The Other - Soap Review

Becca is the creator and Soaper Extraordinaire of OHWTO and there is much to admire. I first heard of her company when I saw a review of her soap, lip tint and solid scents reviewed on
Gothique. Grey spoke highly of Becca's creations and gave her experience 5 out of 5 stars which is a big deal over on that blog. Also, everything she makes is vegan. Big plus in this industry.

"...a tropical, heady blend where cracked coconuts and fresh limes dance amongst swirls of dark musky woods, hint of vanilla, and a sprinkle of powder."

I really liked this bar a lot! Not only was it beautiful to look at, but it was super bubbly and smelled fresh and clean. When I sniff the soap, to me, it smells like really high quality soap and then I look at the description of the scent, I pick up the bar and close my eyes, I absolutely smell it all. Perhaps, this soap is perfect for the scent-sensitive. Again, I love this bar and it's scent. I wanted it to smell stronger, for me, but it was what it was and sometimes, light is good! The mixture of fragrances are really nice. She does sell Desolation Angel in perfume oil. I'd be curious to try the stronger version of it. :)

"...this smoky, sexy and sophisticated fragrance is reminiscent of roasted tea leaves with strong overtones of tobacco. With surprising top notes of Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon and Southern Orange, the blend winds down with Black Tea Leaves, Star Jasmine, White Cedarwood, Amber Crystal and a rich musk."

This is no ordinary tea. This isn't tea with the Queen, laddy. This is tea in a dark smoky lounge, perhaps while telling secrets on a velvet couch. Oh, I like this one very much. It's bold. It's smoky, and has a lot going on but the fragrances flow smoothly together. I can describe it like getting on a roller coaster you thought would be the Dr.Suess ride, but it turned out to be the Spiderman ride. AND, you had way more fun and it made so much more sense, no matter how much darker it was. Know what I mean? This bar was such a delight to bathe with and it lathered tremendously. I almost didn't want to leave the shower. Isn't that the perfect bar? One where you don't want to stop bathing? ;)

Becca is a lovely woman and she makes really nice soap. Really conditioning. She uses coconut milk, which I have yet to try. (I must, I know!) I am eager to browse her Etsy shop and add a few things to my cart.

I thank you, Becca for sending me your lovelies and I hope your business flies to the sky!

xoxo Joanna

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cold Plasma Give Away + Perricone Book Is Coming Out

Perricone wants to offer my readers more free stuff! How can I resist giving away stuff to my peeps? So before I do the OWTO review, I'm throwing in the giveaway. Patience...

Perricone Book Give Away details:

As a required form of entry.....
You have to leave a comment and share why you want or need Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma. When you leave a comment please provide a way for me to reach you so I can contact you if I need to.
(US and Canada) sorry everyone else :(

Give away ends on August 18th at midnight. Winner will be announced the following day. The winner will receive one full sized Cold Plasma (value $150).

They are giving away free samples of Cold Plasma to everyone. All the customers have to do is pay shipping ($4.95)! I know, but the product is free!

Also, Dr. Perricone's has a book coming out called Forever Young. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon only right now. If customers pre-order the book now, they can get a free Concentrated Restorative Treatment, which is worth $75.

A little more info about the book, in particular as it relates to Cold Plasma... It is Dr. Perricone’s newest book, and will be on sale in September. The book talks about how he discovered the technology behind Cold Plasma. If you are interested in learning about the process, Dr. Perricone was able to isolate charged particles, suspend them in a highly absorbent and penetrative base for maximum absorption into the skin. He also discusses how the nutrients in Cold Plasma directly stimulate the precursor to collagen and elastin, glycosaminoglycans.

Leave your comment and good luck!!

xo Joanna

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back To Basics Soft Soap Porn

I follow Cocobong every few days and I love her thoughts, ideas and realizations that she goes through with her art of soaping. She makes beautiful soaps, but her most recent post was about getting back to the basics. That scent and quality is what matters. Not the fanciness of a soap bar.

In fact, when I fell in love with handmade soap, I fell in love with the images that poured out of a very old book of handmade soaps from Europe. It was filled with images of rustic soaps, some wrapped with burlap or butcher paper and twine, some piled high on a thick wooden table. Some of the soaps were broken and not even cut. I fell in love that day I opened that book and I continue to love up the rustic, the plain, the simple.

When I had a shop, people would buy something for the smell, but come back because of how it made their skin feel. The people who buy just because of the prettiness needs it for their guest rooms and powder rooms or as gifts. Sometimes it's nice to just buy yourself a beautiful soap. There is nothing wrong with that.

I just bring you to another place. A place of simplicity where soap porn can be softer on the eyes. It's Wednesday and it's been a rough week. It's soft porn today ;)

(Go read her post on the same subject. She rocks!)

This has been a Soap Porn Production