Saturday, July 30, 2011

Destash! Come N' Get 'Em

UPDATE (August 21st: some are still available)

I have a ridiculous amount of essential oils and fragrance oils hanging around. Most of them I actually use, because I blend my own scents. I need to get the ones I am NOT using out of here. I recently moved my soap lab to a new very air conditioned location (thank you, coldness!) and I had to go through my oils to make room. Hopefully my decisions to rid will be great for some of you!

I will list all of the oils I want to sell and the prices they are for sale for. Email me what you want to purchase and I will calculate shipping to your destination and send you a paypal money request. Remember in your email to give me your address with the postal code and if you live outside of the States, give me your full address so I can calculate accurately. My email address is jo(at)productbody(dot)com.

I'll be doing this in order of supplier. Here goes.

Aroma Haven (AH):

Lemon Meringue Pie, 1 oz, AH (never used): $2.00 - sold
Monkey Farts, 1 oz, AH (never used): $2.00
Lilac, 1 oz, AH (never used): $2.00 -sold

Brambleberry (BB):

Gingersnap, 1 oz, BB (never used): $2.50 - sold
Herbal Essence, 4.5 - 5 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Beau Brummel, 4.5 - 5 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Mango! Mango! 8 oz, BB: $7.00 - sold
White Ginger & Amber, 4 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Blueberry Delight, 5 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Cranberry Fig, 1 oz, BB (never used): $2.00 - sold
Carrot Cake (CANDLE F.O.), 8 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold

Camden Grey (CG)

Coconut, 1 oz, CG (never used): $2.50 - sold
Lime Margarita, 1 oz, CG (never used): $2.50 - sold

From Nature With Love (FNWL):

Black Tea, 8 oz, FNWL (never used): $16.00
Chai Tea, 8 oz, FNWL (never used): $14.00 - sold

Majestic Mountain Sage (MMS):

Vanilla Musk, 1 oz, MMS (never used): $2.25
Vanilla Cream, 1 oz, MMS (never used): $2.25
Basil Essential Oil, 1 oz, MMS (never used): $4.25

New Directions (ND):

Hawaiian Plumeria, 1 oz, ND (never used): $1.50 - sold
Margarita, 1 oz, ND (never used): $1.50 - sold

Peak Candle (PC) - these FOs are body safe:

Georgia Peach, 7 -8 oz, PC: $5.00 - sold
Cranberry Citrus, 1 oz, PC (never used): $1.75 - sold
Downy Fresh, 1 oz, PC (never opened): $1.75

The Scent Works (SW):

Just Ripe Bananas, 1 oz, SW (never used): $3.50 - sold

Southern Soapers (SS):

Black Mission Fig, 5.5 oz, SS: $5.00 - sold
Lemongrass & Sage, 3.5 oz, SS: $3.00 - sold

Sweet Cakes (SC):

Bobbi Brown Beach 1oz, SC (never used): $4.00 - sold
Fig, 8 oz, SC: $14.00 - sold
Plum Spice, 3 oz, SC $6.00 - sold

I also have 4 oz of petitgrain essential oil that I bought from a fellow soaper that arrived in an unmarked bottle. I don't know the supplier. I opened it to smell it and haven't used a drop. I don't particularly care for it. $12.00

I will respond to your emails over the weekend. First come, first served, my dearies.....

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fair Ivy

Fair Ivy specializes in the joy of the surprise—They send cute mystery packages to their customers once a month. They find the most unique, fun, luxurious and kooky items, and nestle them together into an exciting package that is delivered every single month! A large portion of the items are handmade, and their packages are additionally as eco-friendly as possible, using crinkle paper instead of styrofoam to protect all of the goodies.

You never know what you are going to receive, but you always know it is going to be crafty and unique. There are packages for everyone—girls, women, men and even cats and dogs!

Look at the cute names for each of the sections of their catalog. Fun Ivy, Fair ivy, Fred Ivy and Fur Ivy:

Check out their surprises here:
Also, check out their blog:

Aren't these the sweetest pictures of yummy samples of goodies? I love the wrapping on all of it! So much time and effort went into making it so presentable and perfect.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pieno Vonios Natural Soap Kitchen

There is some beautiful soap at the blog That's the source of these photos. The blog is in Lithuanian. That's really all I know... and that the photographs are beautiful!

I had to share the beauty.

soap soap soap

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

Caitlin, owner and maker of goodies at Revive Bath and Body has honored The Soap Bar Blog with "The Versatile Blogger" award. The concept behind the Versatile Blogger Award is to follow a few rules and then pass it on to whatever blog you think deserves it.

Does it mean I am so versatile?


It's an award. I'll take recognition and play the game....

The rules are:
1. Make a post and link it back to the person who gave you the award (and include their website address)
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 7 recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won

7 random things about me:

1. I love real mail.

2. I have a size 9 shoe (US).

3. I am scared of heights.

4. I took sign language classes in NYC & my teacher was completely deaf.

5. I was in love with Michael Jackson when I was 14 years old.

6. I'm scared of bugs.

7. I laugh when people trip. In fact, when someone trips and goes out of sight, I cannot help myself.

So now that I've revealed some things... I nominate the following blogs (trying to nominate ones that haven't yet been nominated):

1. Clear Marie at Artisan Soaps - the woman who brought the world "The Vanilla Files" and wonderful soap creations.

2. Tiggy at Future Primitive Soap - The expert who brings the White Witch and wicked essential oil soap that knock it out of the park every time. She is f-u-n-n-y, too.

3. Amber of Amber's Ambry - One of the most creative women on the block. She soaps, makes garbage into palatial magic, weaves, plays the banjo, gardens with the greenest thumb, knits, mothers... she sees vision where others may not.

4. Kristi of Life Soap Simple - She makes beautiful soaps and her blog is nice and varied. Tutorials, soap photos, life, crafts... go check her stuff out. I've featured her soap in SOAP PORN before because it's so pretty!

5. Kelly of Fresh Cut Soap Co. - This woman makes beautiful soap. I love visiting her blog because she updates frequently, and her soaps are ever changing or, rather, she is constantly creating, I should say. Check it!

6. Lyn of Lynnz Artisan Soaps and Candles - Gorgeous soap. Used in soap porn posts a few times... I just love visiting her blog because it is just packed with soap pictures. I also really like her displays when she goes to market.

7. Misty of Curat Romania - Great soap and a great attitude. I love the ingredients in Misty's soap and in her blog she gives great detail and photos of her soaps and what's inside.

I'm flattered and honored and this post took me so much longer to do than I thought.
Holy cow!

Thank you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Soap Bar Flickr Group Porn

A few months ago I set up a flickr group for us to share our soaps with each other, and I'm really pleased with the outcome. I am happy to see beginners, experts, people I've seen for years, and soapers I've never heard of yet. It's a new experience every time I visit and there is always a sense of excitement for me when I check out the newly uploaded soaps.

The collection that I've pulled together is from The Soap Bar Flickr Group. Please go and browse the pages and pages of soaps that have been so generously shared by soap makers from all around the world. This is an international industry and I am proud to provide a place for us all to share. These images moved me today:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Pudge

pudge by CURAT

Curat-Romania/ Curat Clean hit the floor running. Misty Renee Al-Eryani, the proprietor/soap maker/ owner has introduced her soaps with a unique bang and a flair. When I look at her soaps and packaging, I see independence, fun, freedom, creativity and love eeking from every part of Misty's process. I don't know Misty, but I'd guess she's not the quiet and timid type that wouldn't fight for her beliefs. How do I get that from a website? Do you get that, too?

Ok, moving on....

So I was looking at her wall of soaps and a little soap named Pudge popped up and I instantly bought it. I thought it was the name and that it said limited quantities. I had to have Pudge.

Pudge arrives with some other soapy samples. Here's a picture of the sample line up:

Misty thinks they look like a dysfunctional family.

I love the Pudge. First I used it as was intended - as a facial soap, but as I lathered it my hands I noticed it has some light exfoliation, and you KNOW how I love exfoliation in the shower, so I decided to use it in the shower instead. Well! Let me tell you, it was perfect. I have been showering with it exclusively and it doesn't seem to be shrinking. Whatever the scent is, it's super light, because I don't smell much even though is is really pleasant. I think perhaps the oils in there are supposed to be intended to tone the skin and not for being smelly. In the shower, it isn't a rough exfoliant. It has the perfect balance of exfoliation, lather and good soapie qualities.

This is how it says to use it: "Break off pea sized amount and place in the palm of your hand. Work into a small lather with a tad of water, apply to face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5 minutes...then rinse with warm water. Finish with a natural toner and moisturize your skin."

Here are the ingredients: "Saponified soy, olive & coconut oils, bananas, pineapple, mango, currant oil, citrus essential oil - avg size 2.0 oz bar lasts 2 months."

I raise my glass to Misty!! Love your soap!
Go check out her online store and blog and tell her I sent you ;)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Veruca Salt?

This Is Not Veruca Salt.

She was a nasty, spoiled little brat who demanded everything she wanted and got it. Love the name Veruca Salt, but Willy Wonka certainly made that name leave a bad taste in my mouth because of that icky girl.

Now, salt on the other hand, has a whole other meaning for me. Well, three meanings. It makes certain foods taste magnificent, it makes the ocean a wonderful body of water and it makes the hardest, most awesome bars of soap. I make sea salt soap myself, but I have been so busy with other soap making projects, I haven't really given more of my time to creating enough of them.

I found some nifty soaps to share with you... Sadly, not as many as I wish I could have, but it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm nodding off. Ok, ok, may I present! Salty masterpieces:

Marea Mediterania by Curat Clean

Hawaiian 'Alaea Sea Salt Soap by Kohana Bath and Body

Sea Salt Spa Soap - Lavender Peppermint by Aquarian Bath

Coconut and Sea Salt Soap by Luxe and Mast

Jasmine Salt Bar by LadyBug Soapworks

Salty Love.... (sigh)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Accidental Local


Ok, I started off not have a great day, just personally. You know when you wake up and everything is "off"? I felt down on myself, I'm sick of having migraines half the time, it's hot outside, I feel overwhelmed with even bigger fish in my life...oh I have a list, but I shall not bore you.

After working, I packaged up soap and dropped it off at the shipping place. On my way home, I ran over a huge piece of metal and I heard air pissing out of my rear left tire, but made it home well before it was flat. Before I entered the house, something smelled funny. I think with all the rain, the empty plant pots and cat bowl have filled up with water and things are swimming in them. Probably larvae ready to sprout wings and legs. Whatever it is, it smelled disgusting. I walk over through the mulchy-dirt, dumped out all the filled containers and brought the ones I could clean inside to wash.

As I was cleaning them in the sink the stench got even worse. You should have seen my face. Probably looked like I had tried to suck a lemon. RANK, stank, bleck. I cleaned the containers, but the smell didn't go away, so I dumped in a pint of bleach water that I usually have handy.

No change.

I got the 409 cleaning stuff. I cleaned the sink, the disposal, the counters, I started the dishwasher, thinking maybe there was something horribly stinky in there ... Hmmmph. Nothing. The place still smelled like something was rotting. I took the garbage out.


When I came in, I noticed some dirt on the floor and I picked it up with a paper towel, suspiciously... and brought it up to my nose very s-l-o-w-l-y. I felt as if I'd been slapped. What in the hell?

Must be poop. Rotten poop!? I looked under my shoes. First shoe. Nothing. Second shoe: Yup, I stepped in poo. Icky icky poo. I took my shoe off, cleaned it with a plastic fork (disposable, obviously) and set my wet, clean shoe aside. House still smelled like crap. I noticed I had left a nice trail of pancake-sized poo stamp marks everywhere as I searched for the stench that was making me gag.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the floor with my cleaning spray and paper towels cleaning poo stamps.

And I still think I smell poo.

So that was my day.

How was yours?