Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eye On Detail

The latest photo challenge on FB Soaper's Retreat was another close up photography in natural light challenge.  What can I say?  I love to see detail and natural light makes things stop time and creates silence for me.  For that moment, nothing else exists.  That is why photography can be so moving.  A photograph can create a mood or do nothing at all with the same subject, depending on how the subject is captured with the lens.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”   
   – Henry David Thoreau

Danielle Martin is the inspiration behind this new photo challenge. (this photo below is Danielle's soap) Her Gin Thyme is breath taking!

 Gin Thyme by Danielle Martin

So the challenge was to get as close as your camera could get while focused, then to choose the most interesting "frame" of your soap and post it onto facebook's group: Soaper's Retreat.   Then, list:
What soap is featured
Location of photo (back porch, laundry room, sock drawer....etc)
Name of your company (if you have one)   

There were so many beautiful postings for this challenge.  It was really hard to pick, FERSURE!  I will say that I noticed something that  a lot of you may have overlooked.  Part of the challenge was to get as close as your lens could possibly focus to and then find the best shot from there.  Also, there were some really great shots, but a lot were just out of focus, so let's be more detail oriented.  I am not busting horns just to bust horns.  I am only trying to make us better at presenting our work and being more mindful of presenting the beauty that IS our work.  Be proud and don't shortchange yourself!  These are masterpieces and they deserve the red carpet.

Winners are....

Lina Vilniskyte
Gel phase... Milk, honey, oats
Light source: Cloudy day at the window

Stacey Sherman Johnson
Victorian Christmas
 In the soap room
The Little Flower Farm

Michael Kitney
Rosemary Mint - AKA Get Your Zombie-Like Ass Out Of Bed and Wake The Hell Up!
Afternoon sun on my soap table
My Planet Earth Soap Company

Congratulations to the winners!!  Lots of love to all who participated and those who watched.  Let's keep plugging along soaping the soap or watching us soap!  :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Soap Porn Photo Challenge Results

Some of you may not know about the Facebook group I started called Soaper's Retreat.  I really started it as an extention of this extend it into more of a community.  It has taken off and I am so in love with how things are going.  There are over 600 members and there is consistent sharing, advising, asking, venting....etc.  We are tapping into eachother's knowledge banks and saving all sorts of time and heartache.  You must request to join, but anyone can accept your request.

Sooooo... I decided that as an artist, it's always good to be challenged out of my comfort zone once in a while to explore a new perspective, experience a new medium....whatever the challenge may be.  So I set up an impromptu challenge for everyone in The Soaper's Retreat and gave only 30 hours to complete and post the photos from the challenge.

This was the challenge:

Soap Porn Photo Challenge:

We need some serious soap porn here. Get your cameras out. Everyone has an assignment: Take one picture by natural light at a different angle than you usually take your photos. Then post in this group. Winners of this CHALLENGE will be in my next blog post on The Soap Bar blog.  I'll choose three winners. All entries need to say "Soap Porn Photo Challenge" and need to be posted here in this group by Thursday at 3pm Eastern time (Florida, USA time!)
This is supposed to be fun, so have a good time!

Such nice shots were taken.  Not just beautiful soaps, but great photography!  I think, perhaps, some of you stretched out of your comfort zone and were pleasantly surprised.  Am I right?  I am proud of every one of you who put yourself out there.  This is a community and I am honored and proud to be a part of it all.

Now, on to my three favorites of the bunch:

Soap: Heaven in a Cup (Mocha, Hazelnut, Coffee + Vanilla with Cherry on top)
Location: On worktable with window lighting in the afternoon
{newt+fig soap co}

Soap: Lavender Mint
Location: My Lanai
Light: Natural light from the window

Soap: Unscented/Uncolored Pumpkin Soap
Location: Work table
Light: Natural light from the window

 I personally believe that natural light takes products and enhances their natural beauty.  I urge you to continue taking no-flash photos of your soaps until you are more comfortable.  Thank you so much for participating in this quick and fun roller coaster ride.  Let's do another one soon!