Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween. This soap is perfect to share on this spooky night.

Inky Black creepily luxurious soap by WashableArt at Etsy

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sexy Time

Here is a loaf of Sexy Laundry Day Soap I made two days ago sitting poolside. If you don't know my line of bath and body goodies over at Product Body, I have a scent called Sexy Laundry Day which is a ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, champagne, orange, sexy fresh scent. Hence, the name. I have not pulled the soap from the mold yet. My fragrance changed the color of the soap to a yellow (hmm. That did not happen to my salt bars...). I decorated the top with rose petals, chunks of Sexy Laundry Day soap that I previously made, cosmetic glitter and cranberry seeds. I had to spice up the plainness of the soap. No swirls, layers or colors. Just a snazzy top. I've made this for someone, so I won't be cutting it, unfortunately. Maybe I'll make another soon so I can dig into it. :)

close up

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Treats

I love seeing all the creativity out there during the holidays. There was so much to include, but I am tuckered. I'll post more before Halloween.

Halloween soaps at dugshop on Etsy

BOO the Ghost Halloween Soaps by Twin Birch Bath and Body

Stella Marie's Candy Corn Bath Bombs - I love Kim, her products and her blog.

If I could only smell through the screen.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Political Stress

I hate politics.

My husband and I were invited to a lovely couple's house last night after they generously invited our daughter to join their son and a few friends boating and tubing. What fun. New friends. It was so refreshing to meet new people that I could relate to, that my husband also liked. This is an odd occurrence.

But last night was different. We talked, laughed, enjoyed the Florida evening air. All was great and then as we were about to leave, the P word came up.
Politics. It was actually a very intelligent, non-combative discussion, however, discussing politics brings me great anxiety. It always has and it always will. I can't really explain why, except that I hate conflict. I am not one of those people who avoid conflict with people, but when it comes to politics, sometimes one just has to walk away. I also don't like the government getting their fingers into EVERYTHING. More laws, more restrictions, which, I believe, creates the disappearance of moral compasses of the masses. If the government is telling us every microscopic thing to do and what not to do, how can this society know what is right or wrong as a society growing up if the laws touch on EVERYTHING we do?!

The evening ended nicely, with no bloodshed and we left still being friends. Maybe talking politics with this couple isn't too bad. They weren't aggressive or close minded. That is a good start for me. Baby steps.

Even though I hate it, Brad
feels compelled to discuss politics with me when he hears something he so strongly disagrees with. He HAS to play devil's advocate or list the reasons why the comment he just heard was so very OFF BASE and since I am the one that is usually here. Because of this I am pretty happy he started his blog, because he'll occasionally dip his toe in politics there and leave me the hell out of it. You haven't read smart snarky political chatter until you've read Bone In The Fan.

I'll end this post how I started it and I'll be done with all this on November 4th. Untill November 9th when George Stephanopoulos arrives in our living room with more political discussion - - I am a prisoner.

I hate politics.

Friday, October 24, 2008

November Is Blog Your Brain Empty Month

Actually, it is called, "National Blog Posting Month" over at

"National Blog Posting Month is the epicenter of daily blogging! People who want to set the habit of blogging by doing it every day for a month, including weekends, can come here for moral support, inspiration, and the camaraderie that only marathon blogging can provide."

If you are a member of Ning, then you don't have to join, but you need to sign up if you think you want to try blogging every day. Prizes are part of the deal. Apparently, once November is over, bloggers get randomly chosen, and when it's confirmed that they have blogged every day for the whole month, they win prizes! The many prizes donated will be divied out to the various blogger winners.

Now if you are not a blogger and want to get involved, you can get involved by donated your crafty wares.

Sound fun to you? Then join me and try it out for one month. I might bore the heck out of you, but you'll get a piece of me, no doubt!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling Orange on Etsy

I found these beautiful orange soaps on Etsy. Being that it's October and I just did a little decorating with some skeletons and pumpkins yesterday, I was in the mood. :)

Mango Lassi Soap by Bunny Butt Apothecary

Ylang Ylang Shea Butter Soap by The Pig and The Peacock

Candy Corn Soap by smokey mountain scents

Pomegranate + Juicy Orange Soap with dish by Bubble Sensations

Orange Spice handmade cold process soap by swan mountain soaps

Tomato Leaf + Lettuce Soap by Skin Journey

Feeling the October spirit!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Truffles + Bon Bon Soaps

Citrus Soap Truffle

Judi of Satin Petal Soap is one of the sweetest soap people I have come across. I found her on Etsy and instantly fell in love with her beautiful soap creations. How original and perfect are these balls of soap? The one above, the Citrus Soap Truffle, came in that cute retro patterned pouch which I love. The truffle may look deceivingly small, but it's the size of a baseball. I put a candy next to it in the second photo so you can see the real size. The scent was citrusy with a hint of champagne....perhaps...? It was completely rolled in sugar and looked like a confection delight. The size and shape of the truffle made it a challenge for me to use it in the shower. I think it would be more suited for the bathtub, and it would be quite beautiful in a ceramic dish awaiting a dirty bather to rub.

Pink Grapefruit Bon Bon

This next one was much smaller, more the size of a real bon bon and looked just as edible. This one smelled lovely and the size was the perfect size for the shape. In general, I think spheres are difficult to use for soap, but I used it effortlessly in the shower, then I travelled with it to my kitchen sink. It stayed there for a week, then it traveled to our powder room. Now it is back at our kitchen sink. What can I say? It's has been a big hit. It has barely shrunk in size, the pink "glaze" is still kind of there and I use it EVERY DAY.

Some more photos of her bon bons that I took from her Etsy Shop:

Thank you, Judi, for sending me the most beautiful soaps!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Funneling Tutorial

If you haven't been following the talents of Corrie at Lomond Soap in Scotland, than you might not know about The Art Of Funneling. I have never seen this type of design work in soap making, so I asked Miss Corrie if she would come up with a detailed tutorial to share with the rest of the world. She so generously created this step by step process for you to follow. This is no layering, no whisking...this is OUT OF THIS WORLD funneling!


How they’re done!

1. Set up your mould, fully lined. You will need to rig up a device to hold your funnel in place. Mine is 4 chopsticks tied together with bag ties! So long as it doesn’t fall over whilst pouring, anything will do. For this technique I find that soaping cool to cold gives you the time to separate, colour & fragrance your batch. You can always put it on the radiator once you’re done to kick start the gel.

2. Make up your soap base as normal. Stickblend enough to combine your oils & lye. You want thin trace not thick! (If it’s too thick it won’t flow through the funnel).

3. Split your soap batter into 2 halves, colour & fragrance each one. Again, only stir enough to combine the additives well. You do not want a thick batter. If you are adventurous you could try 3 or 4 colours.

In the pic below I’m adding Titanium Dioxide powder to this half.

In the next I’m adding a green colour to the other half.

4. Ok, so now you’ve got 2 pots of coloured batter. Pour those into 2 jugs ready for pouring. Don’t hang around whilst doing this. Have everything ready before you start.

5. Start pouring first one colour, into the funnel, then the other.
The amount you pour of each colour will affect the final look, it’s trial and error in this part.

The pic below shows the mould about half full, you can see how the swirls are building up.

6. Pour till all your batter is used up. And you’re finished!

7. The one I made above is called “Yo! Limey” and turned out like this.

It’s fun, no 2 bars look the same. For those like me who are swirly challenged, give it a try!

You can see more of my funnel swirl soaps on my blog at or on my website at

Thank you, Corrie!! I hope The Soap Bar readers try this and send loads of photos of their funnel soaping attempts so we can all share the fun and experience. Your soaps are gorgeous!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taking A Moment

I sit here by the window at my mother's house. It's a dreary day, my kids tossed me out of the other room so they can plan a true secret mission. A hideout where I'll never find them. Probably not a bad idea today being that I am on my last nerve. You know that nerve? The one that is the thinnest of all nerves...just hanging there all lonely and raggedy looking from all the abuse and lack of the support from all the other nerves that ditched it?

Yeah. The interesting thing about my kids....they are the best of friends. When it suits them. And when they decide it is time to let the entire mile radius around us know that a murder must be happening in the house we are occupying, that is when this sad old nerve gets a run for its money. I assume the nerve will snap one day and you might find me rocking myself in a corner somewhere.

I will take these special "best friend" moments as seeing the cup half full while I breathe and fill my self up and look out the window and feel all my nerves coming back. B r e a t h e

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Hard Water Dilemma

In parts of Texas I have heard complaints of hard water bathing. Where the soap just floats. Salt bars work wonders, but what if someone wants a basic soap bar with no salt? I am looking to make soap that will help people with the hardest of water and make them feel good. Does anyone know a good recipe for a hard water environment?

What type of water do you have and what kind of bar works best for you, if you know...?

Any help from you would be help for Central Texas. These are our Hurricane neighbors.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Upcoming Review :: Satin Petals Soap Truffles

Coming up next :: Etsy artist Judi will knock your socks off with her artistry. She makes soap truffles like these which are stunning to look at and smell delicious. She is also an absolute doll. I will be back with my own pictures and review on her soap truffles and bon bons.

Monday, October 6, 2008

MayLee's Garden Soap Porn

May Lee's Garden :: Etsy Shop
Libby makes these soaps using the hot process method and all her soaps are vegan. Check out her shop! May Lee is her daughter's name.

Sea Shore Sea Salt Shea Soap

NAG Champa Spiral Rainbow shea and cocoa butter soap

Dragonsblood scented shea and cocoa butter soap

Citrus & Sage soap made with essential oils and unrefined shea butter

Friday, October 3, 2008

Etsy Header :: Marr Does It Again

Marr Williams over at Smelly Chicks is a swelly chick.

She worked with me on designing my Etsy shop banner
yesterday for hours. I didn't know what I wanted, I just knew what I DIDN'T want. How frustrating would that be to work with someone like that?? Me, being the vacuous design "client". It started off bad and got worse, then it swung around, she got what I was thinking, then I got what I was thinking, it got pulled together and there you have it.

You can see it live on my Etsy shop here. I really am loving it.

I think The Soap Bar Header and Product Body Labworks Header Design Contest I won was the BEST thing I ever won yet!
Thank you, Marr for bringing it all together for me!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

And Milo Was Born

There is nothing much sweeter than something handmade from a loved one.

My daughter decided that her best friend needed a teddy bear MADE FROM HER for a birthday present. That it would be better than something store bought. I think that was only the case one or two other times in her life. Mostly, Nina has wanted to buy something she herself wanted. I have always urged her to be creative... to dig deep into her heart and to pull from her juicy creative soul because I know that when I receive something made specifically for
ME? Well, I melt, just like an M&M in my mouth.

Nina designed, cut, sewed, stuffed and named this bear. She spent many hours planning it, but mostly sewing, and sewing, and sewing. She was very particular about the style the bear had. She didn't want to flip it inside out so the ragged edges were hidden on the inside. He is perfect just the way he is, MOOOOOMMMMMMMM. This was her vision and Milo was born.
I think Milo came out great and is one cool bear. Way cooler than those Build-A-Bears. I wish he lived with us, but we do have visiting rights though. Right, Marin?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Pumpkin Soap

These were made using the hot process method in the crock pot (thanks, Elizabeth!)

Scented with Graham Cracker and Pumpkin Spice. Yummo!