Thursday, October 16, 2008

Truffles + Bon Bon Soaps

Citrus Soap Truffle

Judi of Satin Petal Soap is one of the sweetest soap people I have come across. I found her on Etsy and instantly fell in love with her beautiful soap creations. How original and perfect are these balls of soap? The one above, the Citrus Soap Truffle, came in that cute retro patterned pouch which I love. The truffle may look deceivingly small, but it's the size of a baseball. I put a candy next to it in the second photo so you can see the real size. The scent was citrusy with a hint of champagne....perhaps...? It was completely rolled in sugar and looked like a confection delight. The size and shape of the truffle made it a challenge for me to use it in the shower. I think it would be more suited for the bathtub, and it would be quite beautiful in a ceramic dish awaiting a dirty bather to rub.

Pink Grapefruit Bon Bon

This next one was much smaller, more the size of a real bon bon and looked just as edible. This one smelled lovely and the size was the perfect size for the shape. In general, I think spheres are difficult to use for soap, but I used it effortlessly in the shower, then I travelled with it to my kitchen sink. It stayed there for a week, then it traveled to our powder room. Now it is back at our kitchen sink. What can I say? It's has been a big hit. It has barely shrunk in size, the pink "glaze" is still kind of there and I use it EVERY DAY.

Some more photos of her bon bons that I took from her Etsy Shop:

Thank you, Judi, for sending me the most beautiful soaps!


Body Natural Soap said...

Those really do look yummy.

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

WOW-are u sure this is soap because i could see myself eating these:-D

Anonymous said...

OMG...these make me want to eat the whole box of donut holes that dh left on the kitchen counter.

The soaps are truly eye candy!

Michelle said...

Can you just throw me one through the computer. I'll have my mouth open ready to catch it on the other end! Yummmmm!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thank-you soooooo much for such a wonderful review!!! (( Hugs )) I am soooooooo excited!!! Wooohooo!!! xxoo You are the BOMB!!!!!!