Friday, August 20, 2010

Destash.... come see!

I have some fragrant oils you might be interested in and what better time to do this?? Right before the smelly holidays!

I just blew a wad of dough on FOs and there are so many that I have I do not want, so I will lay them out here and you all can let me know if you want them. Some of the bottles are full and untouched and some are 1/2 full. I will give you my honest estimate and you'll have to trust that it's pretty accurate.

All are unavailable.

Jasmine Yin Hao FO (Oregon Trail Soaps) 2 oz. SOLD

Ceylon Black Tea FO (Oregon Trail Soaps) 2 oz. SOLD

Carrot Cake Candle fragrance oil (Brambleberry). 8 oz. This IS over a year old but smells really good. Good for candles or wax tarts.

Sugar Cookies FO (Southern Soapers) 4 oz. SOLD

Raspberry Bombe FO (Southern Soapers) 4 oz. SOLD

Vanilla Hazelnut FO (MMS) 1 oz. I paid $3.00 plus shipping. Opened it, but never used it.

Pumpkin Pie FO (Brambleberry) SOLD

Birthday Cake FO (Peak Candle) slightly under 4oz. Approximately 10 months old. (good for candles, B+B, FP 154 degrees) Smells like icing.

Sandalwood FO (Brambleberry) 4 oz. SOLD

Bug Be Gone EO Blend (Brambleberry) 1/2 oz. SOLD

Vanilla Oleoresin -water soluble (MMS) 1/2 oz. SOLD

Interested in anything? email me! jo at

xo Joanna


firefly said...

Is this the price before shipping costs? Because I have my eye on some Sandalwood...

Teresa said...

I will take the Jasmine and the BB Sandalwood, Jo.
How do you want me to pay?
Thank you!

Teresa said...

Heck - I will take the Ceylon Black tea too!

Thank you!!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

firefly, which one?

B said...

Ooh! Put me down for the Sugar Cookie, the Raspberry Bombe and the Vanilla Oleoresin! I have to run but will email you this evening (or maybe tomorrow if I get in late!) for details :)

Thanks! :D

Joanna Schmidt said...

ok, folks, there is tons of interest in A LOT. If you want something you must work it out with me immediately because I can't hold stuff. There is overlapping interest.

If you want it tell me now and I'll create a listing for you

Joanna Schmidt said...

YES, this is all priced before shipping. I will ship first class up to 13 oz and then I will have to ship Priority.

Joanna Schmidt said...

or should I be sending things UPS??

B said...

Ship USPS, it's way cheaper (and faster). Then again, with FP's of certain oils, you may be violating regulations, but that doesn't stop a bunch of suppliers from doing it ;)

Emailing you now.