Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration: The Soap Bar Flickr Group

Prairie Mist by Shieh Design Studio

Lemon and Juniper Soap by Тонкая Материя

Lemon Poppy Seed by Life Soap Simple

Cocoa Orange Pie by LIfe Soap Simple

Cucumber soap by Spiral Soap

Honeywash by Laurence73

Pine Tar Regular and Shampoo Bars by Appalachian Heritage Soaps

Coconut Milk Soap by Sraigutes Namukas

I love that I set up the Flickr group and I'm tickled that we, as a community, are using it.  But a reminder:  The group is as strong as it members.  Keep sharing!  :)  We all love the soap porn!!



Zenitude said...

They are beautiful! I just want to know how people create that black stripe in their soap. I tried using cocoa powder but the effect was not quite what I was hoping for.

Shieh Design Studio said...

There are so many beautiful soap photos on our flickr group! Very inspiring! We are indeed so addicted to soap porn, lol.

T and J said...


Donna OShaughnessy said...

You know, I signed up with the group, posted a few pics and then forgot about it. So very middle aged of me so right now I am posting some pics to the group. Watch me go

Teresa Robeson said...

It's amazing how the Lemon and Juniper Soap looks just like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! ;) Thanks for a yummy post, as always!

Jabón artesano Antigua. Mari Perdomo. said...

wonderful! very beautiful

Unknown said...

какие рокошные мыла!!!!
приглашаю и в свой блог)))