Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carrot and Other Ramblings

I have been playing with vegetables and fruits in my soap and I am really loving how much of a vitamin punch it gives the soap.  The next batch I'm making will be with carrots and perhaps goat milk or buttermilk.  Haven't decided.  I am going to make it a facial bar so I am thinking white clay, a few extracts, chamomile, shea butter and rice bran oil.  I'm not sure if I should scent it with an essential oil or just leave it pure.  My feeling is leave it pure and unadulterated.  I'd like to use carrot seed oil, but I don't have any on hand and it is quite pricey.

Budgeting now... trying not to spend everything I have before the holidays.

There are so many fragrance and essential oils I want to try and there are so many I have that I don't use.  I wish there was a room where everyone could put their unwanted oils and choose the oils they wanted from others and it wouldn't cost anything.  We could just trade up.

Yeah, I'm a dreamer.  But that would be nice, right?


Mưa và Sương Mù said...

I crafted a batch of goat milk, rice bran oil and carrot with ground chamomile the other day and it was good! it was OK with hubby and mom loves it! :-)

dalene said...

I'm so with you on that! Just finished a batch of pumpkin spice and another batch of Applejack peel. It's one of my favorites. I've been wanting to try carrot. I need to get brave and try goat's milk one of these days as well.

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

I vote for leaving it pure, too. I debated on scenting/not scenting my shaving bar soap and I'm glad I left it unscented.

Yes, there needs to be a cost-free way to trade unused EOs or FOs! If only...

Kinky Witch Soap

Sky Farms said...

That would be a great idea to have "scent swap". I definitely have some oils I don't want and others I would love to have. Also, I just made a batch of carrot soap and added the carrot seed eo in a blend - it smells a bit unpleasant imo. My plain carrot soap is much nicer.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

I made a facila soap with organic carrot juice and no scent and called it "rooty beauty" it sold quickly.

And yes I would like a room of free EO's too

SWiggins said...

I want an invitation to that fragrance room! What a heavenly place that would be. I want to do some veggie soaps too but have mainly been focusing on Beer and Wine this year.

Two Blooms Design Studio said...

Your new carrot soap sounds divine. I'm in the same boat I've spent a lot on ordering the last few months and there are tonnes of new scents I want to try but like you have so many I don't use anymore. A trading place would be amazing but we all live all over that would be the only problem.


Joanna Schmidt said...

bumble bee: sounds yummy! I bet it looks great and will feel delightful.

dalene: You can always do half water half goat's milk. It's easier on the nose and I think because you add the goat's milk in while it's tracing, more of it actually is present in the soap in the end. It doesn't get so beat up by the lye.

Robin: agreed! :)

Sky Farms: thanks for your input. I think I may go sans carrot seed oil.

Donna: Sounds lovely!

Slightly Askew: Yes, the oils room. Someone should set that up. Wonder how hard it would be, really. II just made my first beer soap the other day. The lye was not happy. Boil, bubble, boil.

2 blooms: it could be a trade + shipping. I'm going to ponder this.... we all need a break from the cost of fos and eos and how many times have I ordered something I want to then end up with something that doesn't suit me but would suit someone else so perfectly!


Mưa và Sương Mù said...

I forgot to mention your blog, please keep sharing! have a good weekend!

Dreaming Tree Soapworks said...

I'm right there with you, I ALWAYS just want to make new smells and play with new ingredients and I have a lot of supplies fo,s packaging etc left over that I didn't like or don't use anymore that I wish I could swap for other things.

I vote to keep the carrot soap pure, or since carrot is traditionally good for more sensitive/mature skin, it'd be synergistic with patchouli eo for the same reasons, id go wild and add some coconut milk, and call it the Earthen Beauty Bar. Hmm maybe I need to go make soap :P

DannyLLafrance said...

Well that is great idea,we all know that the vegetables contains a vitamins that need in our body."Vegetable soap" sounds good.

Well I have a website that can help you also a simple soap making guide.

Joanna Schmidt said...

The carrot soap is pure and unscented! Yes! I love it. Although next time, more carrots. It's more yellow than orange.