Saturday, November 17, 2007

MMM Lime

Gianna Rose Atelier :::

The website is fun to browse with so many cute, cute soaps to look at. Here are a few that I particularly thought deserved some space here...

Citron Vert Soap Gift Box

These are really nice looking. I wonder if they smell as good as they look. I often crave limes and in particular, a lime drink that I started making when I was a bartender (way back when). It consists of juice of a lime, over ice with about 2 ounces of seltzer. Sometimes I add a dash of freshly ground salt. This is a tart, delicious and refreshing beverage we call here at the Schmidt house: Limey.. so as you can see, this soap has a special meaning for me because of my Limey addiction.  

Lime green:  The color of my hallway at home.

Pear Fruit Soap (Poire)

These pears?  The color of my kitchen.  Love it!

Robin's Egg Soap

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Carrie Garvin said...

Robin Egg blue~ my favorite color in the world! These are such beautiful soaps.