Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Platypus Dreams Montage

Platypus Dreams is a handmade soap company in Australia. Don't they make such pretty soap!?

I have not actually tried their soap yet, but I plan to soon. In the meantime, I had to show you these lovely glittery gems. Lots of soapy bling sprinkled on top making hem even more delightful and easy on the eyes. I think the Sugar Baby - Luv Spell is so feminine and oh so pretty in pink.

Nice use of glitter . . . Feast your eyes on these:

Go there now to look.


Michelle said...

These are truly some of most good looking soaps I've ever seen. BTW/thanks for your post on my blog :) Your blog is really great!!

Anne-Marie said...

Gorgeous soaps - really glorious frosting technique.

Karen said...

wow! those are really pretty. almost too pretty to use!