Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

Real. Simple. Soap.

Valarie of Real. Simple. Soap. sent me a box filled to the brim with her lovely creations. It was really like a birthday party for me. Grapefruit, Grape, Carrot, Lime Margarita, Black Raspberry Vanilla.... and more. I had to choose one to review, so off to the shower with the Pumpkin Spice soap I went, chosen for obvious reasons. Halloween is on my brain and if anyone wants to have a Halloween shower before November rushes in, I need to get the review in so others can enjoy it in a timely manner. Oh laddy, it is pumpkin season!

The soap is a nice size, with a textured top (I like those). It is a brown soap with dark brown swirls and smells spicy....pumpkiney.....not overpowering and not too faint. The soap lathered very nicely, the leg shave was very smooth. The leg shave is a good test for me because I am so sensitive on my lower leg. The soap had a nice lather and it left me with a final feeling of being clean and moisturized. As their website states: "You can expect our soap to make a rich luscious creamy lather, drenching your skin in moisture."

All around... good soap. I have not tried the others yet, but my daughter is dying to try the Grape. Very candy-like and sweet.

Thank you, Valarie for the soap. I thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin. :) You are very generous and a lovely soap maker to boot!

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Anonymous said...

Valerie, Thank you so much for delivering my soaps in preson. I was almost down to the last little peice and you were in my town and
stopped by. I only will use your
soaps and have my son using them
also,which he really likes. I always enjoy stopping by your booth
at the markets to see what new soaps you are making.Thanks again,
Sandy Taylor