Sunday, October 21, 2007


Etsy Shops are chock full of Halloween soapy treats. Here are a few I stumbled across. In the spirit of Halloween, enjoy the ghoulish ghosties....
Three Paws .... nice eyeballs!
Tarantula by By Naps.

The next 3 are from ArtSpot doing the bloody eyeball, the little Halloween treats...and I love the crowded skeletons!
Oogly Eyeball Soap Bar glow in the dark Poison Apple scented BLUE

Mexican DAY OF THE DEAD Giant Skull Hand Painted Soap On A Rope

Mexican Day Of The Dead Skull soap on a rope by Dug Shop.

Pretty candy corn by Robinosities.

Gift Box Halloween Bat and Ghosts (Glycerin)

Daisy Cakes Soap's bats and ghosts.

These are just a few of the Halloween soaps I found on Etsy. If you haven't gone there to check out all the indie artists, you should browse. It is an artsy, indie shopping community with shops throughout. You can find just about anything handmade there.

Happy Halloween. Stay clean! :)


playing with soap said...

Loooooove Etsy and everyone I know that shops through this site have only positive things to say.


Anne-Marie said...

I love the CandyCorn soap. It's very unique!