Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Beau Savon

Jane Kern Brooks of Beau Savon is a sweetheart. She sent me lovely soaps all wrapped just like this. Beautiful, isn't it? I'm thinking.... good gifts. I just get so into the presentation aspect of products. I have never really been good at wrapping presents or having that talent in design detail. But really, what's better than opening up a brown banged up box to find a wrapped treasure inside? It's like a birthday party.

I open the first soap because I absolutely love the swirls and color (below). It's Limoncello....a shea butter soap. I take a long inward sniff. YUM! Lemon, maybe lemon ices on a hot summer day? More, there's more.... I smell a hint of nutmeg, maybe a tiny touch of honey and vanilla? So delicate and smelly good. Showering with it has been great. I've had 4 showers with the bar and it looks like a creamsicle treat but smells nothing like one. More like a melange of warm awakening scents.

Thank you, Jane. I love my Limoncello. I am eager to try the rest! :)


Anne-Marie said...

Gorgeous swirling job and beautiful packaging - what a nice example of how artistic soap can be.

eye4style said...

So pretty!