Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bennington Maple Sugar Soap

I have received and reviewed other soaps from Carrie of Under The Willow, and her soap is wonderful. This one, though, put me over the edge in maple-sugar-madness-heaven!

First of all, the soap looks like it was drizzled with maple sugar candy, but the smell is really unusual. Smells exactly like maple candy from Vermont! If you have never tried maple candy from Vermont, you haven't lived. It is **melt in your mouth** unbelievable goodness. This bar of soap smells just like it, too! Under The Willow is in Maryland, however, but her sense of Vermont is dead on accurate. (Am I right, Heather?)

I have been using this bar for nearly a week (sorry, folks who have sent me soaps to review, this one is too good to put aside) and I have run out of hot water nearly every time I take a shower. Yeah. Not politically correct, thank you very much, Carrie~Gigi, look what you've done to me! ;)

If you love the smell of maple, this is the bar for you. It has REAL maple syrup in it, too. But it is not sticky...it is soapy good for all body parts!


Suds to Love said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!

Carrie Garvin said...

Joanna~ You are truly "sweeter" than Maple Sugar for doing this review.

Although I live in Maryland, I am no stranger to Vermont with a family farm in Bennington, VT. Hundreds of beautiful mountain side acres, with pipes running through, draining the sweet syrup from the maple trees~ how sweet it is!

Many hugs!

Heidi said...

Your making me hungry! = )

I haven't tried that bar, but having tried her others I don't doubt its awesome!!

Anne-Marie said...

I love your description of this soap "maple-sugar-madness-heaven". Not only does it look heavenly, but I think I can almost smell it from here. Mmmmmm!

Michelle said...

I agree it does sound delicious! Mmmm, I *adore* maple syrup.

Heather@Twin Birch said...

You are spot-on Joanna! Carrie~Gigi is just as sweet as Vermont Maple and just as kind as the people around here!

Your review is great! The soap looks to die for!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm putting this one on my list...I already have Carrie-Gigi's Soft Orange Clove soap on my to-buy list (next month when I start buying again...heh heh...don't let my dh know!!)