Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lady Bug Soap Works - Chocolate Coconut Soap

This is a nice bar of soap. When I unwrapped the soap, I was catapulted back to Easter time as a kid... the soap smelled just like a chocolate Easter bunny, Hershey kiss/bar. Yes, not many bath and body products actually smell like the real thing, always slightly off, but Lady Bug? Right on! I don't know if the coconut fragrance came through so much, but whatever combination of fragrance oils she used, it created the perfect chocolate scent!

So in the shower I go. I wet the soap bar and rubbed between my hands which created instant lather and so much of it too- love that!! The entire time I spent in the shower, I couldn't stop sniffing the bar, which, of course, soaped up my lips. Hint: soap, in general, doesn't taste so good, even if it smells so good.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lady Bug's perfect choco-creation. Go get yourself a bar at her Etsy shop, but you might want to stash a Hershey's kiss near the shower, because you'll want to bite the soap, and I warn you, you won't be satisfied with just that.

;) Stay clean!

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