Thursday, April 24, 2008

Soaper Super Stars

I found this Etsy "panel display" of super soaper stars, which I think is added to on a weekly basis.  As new stars are featured, the ones at the bottom disappear.  This week, I think three were added.  I personally wish there was a higher turnover rate, like two a day or so.   I get bored of blogs I visit if they aren't being posted to on a regular basis.  I'm bad like that, but I think I represent a large percentage of blog readers.  If you stop writing every day, every other day, your "readership" diminishes.

Anyway, this is a blog that features different soap makers, etc. below the photos of the super stars.  So you can check it out, see who is being featured, or shop the stars here.


gracefruit said...

There are some phenomenally talented soapers there. I click and ogle often.

Heidi said...

That is pretty cool...maybe someday I'll make it there ;-)

I agree with you about daily/every other day posting. Now I just need to get my rear in gear and find something interesting to post about hehe.

dcyrill said...

I love Etsy. I agree with you Heidi on finding content to post daily/every other day. I try to post twice a week, if I am lucky.

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Thanks for the post, Joanna! I agree about the every day/ every other day posting. I love reading what you have to say! It's always fun & fresh!

Anonymous said...

I don't whether to be inspired by all that beauty and talent or be depressed that I may never achieve that level of perfection. Bit o' both, I guess.

Ok, ok, I'll post something tomorrow. Joanna, you are a slave driver! ;)

Unknown said...

Joanna you look so pretty in that picture with your husband! You're pretty all the time but you're extra pretty in that picture! Hehe!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

HEidi, all you have to do is open your etsy shop and it'll take no time at all. Your soaps are yummy.

dcyrill and Heather, I know it is hard, but sometimes you (one) must write or find something that is interesting. On those days that I have nothing on the inside, I look for cool products to share. That is my strategy ;)

Teresa, I have never seen your soap. Why don't you p[os pictures on your blog about your art??

You are TOO kind. I think it was the lighting :D

patti flynn said...

hi there joanna....i tracked you back here from my blog!

first off: the foamy sea pix were jaw is still slightly ajar and may stay like that for some time.

secondly: what a lovely blog you have.

thirdly: i do the soaper stars blog....POINT TAKEN about more frequent updates. :)
i am on it.
i think.