Sunday, April 27, 2008


"Rich in skin-loving nutrients, the pomegranate has long been touted by ancient Greeks for it is therapeutic benefits; while its beauty has forever inspired poets, writers, artists and lovers. Pomegranate oil is a symbol of health and rebirth, providing soothing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are nourishing for even the most sensitive of skin. Hydrate and enrich your body – this bar of soap is absolutely pomiscuous on your skin." 

I reviewed Fraiche once before way back in November of last year. I reviewed the Honeysuckle soap and a couple of bath bombs, so you can check it out if you want to read more about my experience with Fraiche.  The bar I am reviewing today is called Pomiscuous and is a pomegranate soap that smells sweet, with a light perfume hint.  Pomiscuous is a new scent Fraiche has launched which comes in the soap as well as the swizzle (bath bomb).  A very lovely duo!  The soap bar is a nice big size (5 oz.), which I like very much and the designy swirls within the cut bar reminds me of photos I've seen taken from space looking at Earth. I think the white swirls and a wavy swirly top layer are truly artistic.... and very luscious looking, indeed!

As I mentioned in the last post, the wavy top serves as nice finger holds (like the ones they make for steering wheels).  This makes it so easy to hold onto as the bar slips and slides over your skin for a soapy lathery heaven-on-Earth wash.  
The swizzle was very pretty, beautifully packaged and heavenly to use. The ingredients are: baking soda, citric acid, certified organic olive oil, certified organic coconut oil, unrefined virgin shea butter and fragrance.  At a whopping 5 ounces, this is the bomb.  Their swizzles are truly magnificent eye candy in addition to them being a great fizzy with loads of scrumptious action-packed ingredients.  Take a look:

Their soaps are stunning to look at as well.  Feast your eyes on these beauties!

The price is steep for a bar of soap ($12.50), but if that doesn't really matter to you, get a few.  They are truly beautiful to look at and wonderful to use.  Many lathery bubbles later, I stand clean, soft and smell good.  These would make excellent gifts.  The soaps are packaged in a clear plastic box and is handsomely labeled.  Same with the swizzle.  These are very professionally put together and I give them an "A+" in packaging.  Gift worthy for sure.

Can't wait to see what Fraiche has in store next!


Anonymous said...

They do have wonderful products. Gorgeous stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi said...

Stunning bars!!! I never get tired of looking at soap...then I dream about how to make all the lucious things I see = ) With all the inspiring soaps out there I'll never get tired of learning and making new ones myself.

Love the picture of you and your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! This stuff is all lovely!

Anonymous said...

Are these all CP soaps? They are really yummy-gorgeous, however they're made. If I buy one, will y'all promise not to tell dh what I spent on it? ;)

Audrey said...

Your blog gave me a new perspective about soap! Incredible.