Monday, March 3, 2008

Nahia Creations - Chocolate Espresso Soap

Chocolate Espresso Soap by Nahia Creations.

Before the Yummiest Soap Contest, Shelley of Nahia sent me multiple bars of soap to enter into the contest. What a gorgeous surprise! I think out of all the soaps that I have recieved ad reviewed, Shelley's soaps were the most beautifully packaged. The glossy thick box was printed with their woman's face logo and comapny name in a gorgeous font. It was made specifically for the shape of the bar or the soap was made to fit the box...either way the presentation was superb, professional looking and truly memorable. Each soap was stamped with the face and sat nicely in its bed of glossy boxedness.

The first thing I noticed was that the bars of soap were a chunky shape, not the typical soap bar shape. More cube-like in nature. Out of the array of scents that she mailed to me, I immediaatey chose the Chocolate Espresso, for obvious reasons.

The smell was mild and not at all overwhelming or intoxicating. However, I was hoping for a kick in the pants for my morning shower ritual with that name, but this soap delivered a powerful cleaning and bubbling experience and my shower was wonderful. My only issue was the shape of the soap for no other reason than it was hard to hold onto. I loved the way the shape looked and felt, but when I woud rub, slide or manipulate it, it wanted to jump away from me. Could totally be my hands and what I am used to or the shape and my hands not melding in harmony. Who knows?

All in all, Nahia Creations soap is great and everyone should check them out. If not for yourself, you should purchase a soap as a gift, becasue not all soaps are all ready to give without wrapping paper. Shelley's soaps were a real treat and continue to be a daily surprise for me in my shower and at my bathroom sink.

Thank you for your soaps, Shelley. I truly cherish them every day!!


Shelley Ann Jones said...


Thank you for the lovely review! Our logo was designed by my hubby and it is my profile.

Anonymous said...

They certainly are one of the classiest soap logos/pkg I've seen. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a beautiful presentation of soap and matching packaging. I hope you do very well with it. It's up there...