Monday, March 10, 2008

Morgan Street Soap

pile of Morgan Street soap at my home...

Sharon of Morgan Street was terrified of sending me her soaps for review. She urged me..."Be gentle, Joanna", but I don't know what she's talking about. Talentless people should be worried, not Sharon! I have been admiring her soaps for almost a year now, and I have been urging her to send me a bar, but she wasn't sure she wanted a review. Her blog is fun for me to read. She goes on about the different bars she is making, things she is planning and sales that are going on in her Etsy shop along with some personal stuff. I love her addiction to soap and reading her experiences and seeing photos of her new creations are inspiring. It is a daily read for me. I just bought her last Paradise bar and I wait in great anticipation for it. Yumm!

The Yummiest Soap Contest put a fire under Sharon so she sent 5 bars (one of which has fallen victim to "my desk ate my homework" syndrome, but I know it is here somewhere under the rubble). Unfortunately she wasn't added to the soap contest because Crystal, of Cute Indie Finds and Domaly and I needed to each review a bar. Each entrant needed to send in two of the same bar... one for me (Florida) to judge and one for Crystal (in California) to judge. The deal was, that a soap maker would send two bars to one of us, and we'd take care of getting the other bar to the other judge. Sorry, Sharon, you had been eliminated, but I am happy to announce that I had fun with every bar in these pictures.

The Green Tea bar was so stunning in color. I must say that is my favorite color in the whole world and it won me over before I had a chance to smell it. Green Tea was delicate, and feminine with a hint of floral notes. Love-rly...

The Black Raspberry Vanilla was a beautiful pink with the layered look (sounds like a haircut) with a sweet black raspberry smell and a hint of vanilla. It was sweet and fruity... I think I would have preferred a tarter version, but it still smelled wonderful and left me feeling clean and fresh!

The Lime and Black Pepper was unusual at first but I got totally into it the moment I started showering with it. The pepper wasn't too strong - it was an unusual combination for me, but I really loved it and have been using it every day. Not typically what I go for, but I am going for it. Definitely unique and would be a great gift for men, I think. Bold but not strong or overwhelming, just like men should be. ;o) Father's Day will be here really soon, so stock up before she runs out!

Finally, the Mysterious bar. This one changed smells, and maybe this is why the bar is called Mysterious. Once I got in the water and lathered up a bit, my nose couldn't stop shmushing up against the smooth bar. It was reminiscent of cinnamon, but it didn't look like cinnamon. It looked like a carnival having a party in a circus tent. So cute....I loved it! Sharon, was there cinnamon in there, or was my nose playing tricks on me?

Here are the soap chappies all lined up behaving very nicely.

Thank you so much, Sharon, for your encouraging words and for being such an artist and sharing your art with me!


Anonymous said...

I ordered two of Sharon's bars Paradise (for me, because of reading her blog) and the Lime and Black Pepper (guy scent for my husband). I got my package last week and wow do they ever smell good and look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

These definitely look like soaps I'd love to have!