Monday, March 17, 2008

Ginger Lime Sesame Soap - Urban Forest

I had the pleasure to try a few soaps from Urban Forest and all of them were wonderful. The one that stands out the most was the Ginger Lime with sesame seeds and cucumber extract. Karen, the soap goddess of Urban Forest, explained to me why my bar looked so different from the one pictured here (this is her picture). Karen emailed me telling me she switched to BLACK sesame seeds instead of the white shown here. The photo really doesn't show how prominent the seeds were in the bar I tested. Can I just tell you how great of an exfoliator it was? I have a thing for highly exfoliating bars of soap, both light and strong exfoliating bars. But this wasn't a light exfoliant at all. These seeds didn't feel "sandy" ... It was more of a seriously "get your scrub on" bar. When I am in the shower, I often just stand there waiting to come to life sometimes remembering to rub my bod with a scrub I make or a scrubby type bar of soap that I have just to feel the nerve endings in my skin wake up. So when I grab a good exfoliating soap and rub rub rub away the tiredness, it helps my coffee shift into first gear. (Generally coffee doesn't even start taking any effect until the second cup.) The soap was not sprinkled with the seeds, but the seeds were abundant and well incorporated.

The smell was something out of a fairy tale....hard to describe, but light, nice, sweet- a natural sweet, not sugar sweet. It had the right mount of ginger, lime with a blend of botanicals thrown in there. Mellow.

The soaps Karen sent to me were on the slightly smaller side of the average sized soap. They cost $5.00 each and if you want to order some, you must email her. Check out her website. You can find her email address there.

Don't you love this photo of the bar stack? The back light is gorgeous.

Thank you Karen for sending me your creations and my apologies for not getting to this sooner!


Heidi said...

that is such a cool picture, and so are her labels!

Anonymous said...

I do love the picture. The fragrance sounds really nice.