Friday, January 4, 2008

Under The Willow - Mud Puddle Girl

Carrie~Gigi of Under The Willow created the Mud Puddle Girl line of products for girls "who want to make a splash", young or old.  She makes adorable aprons, "billows",  T-shirts, lip balms, body wash and handmade soap.

She began reading my blog and leaving comments.  After realizing she made her own soaps, I asked her if I could review any soap for her and within days, Carrie had sent me two lovely bars of soap, 2 lip balms, and for my 10 year old daughter, Nina, Carrie sent a "Mud Puddle" T-shirt and Pumpkin Mud Cookie Aloe Body Wash with sparkles!  Everything was so beautifully put together and such a treat to touch and smell.

When my ten year old girl received this gift from her, you can imagine her delight.  She instantly ran to the computer to type a thank you note that took over an hour to prepare.  Now, if Nina reads the comments on my blog, she'll see Carrie~Gigi's name occasionally and squeals, "It's Carrie~Gigi, Mom!  I like her."

The sparkly body wash smells really yummy.  It's called Pumpkin Mud Cookie, and it smells like graham crackers with a hint of pumpkin.  So delicious.  She sent it with a cute little nylon pouf so that a little goes a very long and sudsy way.  The sparkles are suspended in the wash and is vaguely reminiscent of glitter globes.

This is the T-shirt and lip balm in mint chocolate puddle....mmm

The soap bar that made my day yesterday was the Richly Almond bar (shown above) and it was divine.  Smooth, sudsy, faintly almond with a hint of cherry. There is no "cherry" listed in the scent description but I m sure there is a touch of it in there....Carrie, am I crazy?

Shaving with the soap was pure pleasure.  It was so nice with the smooth lather, that it made shaving a breeze.  Super slippy, conditioning and my skin felt soft and clean, unlike some bars that leave me feeling dry and tight.

I want to thank Carrie~Gigi for her generosity and kindness and for sending my daughter the nicest response letter.  She has granddaughters and they are very lucky to have her unconditional love, creativity and soapy goodies.

Thank you, Carrie~Gigi!!


Amber Rose said...

Hey! I make bath and body products, as well, but I only just started making soap a couple weeks ago! Honestly, it's quite scary working with lye, but I love the results and I'm addicted already!

I just found your blog by googling "soap blog", it looks great :) Do you have an etsy shop?
Keep up the good work! Take care :)

xxx. Amber

Carrie Garvin said...

Dear Joanna & Ms.Nina~

A BIG hug for the review...and I will never forget the warm thank you I received from a little girl who actually took the time to let me know her package arrived...It nearly knocked me off my feet,because I was so impressed as she articulated years beyond her age.

You know this rarely happens, so this was very special.

I remember even showing my husband, then my own daughter--both who just smiled.

But I imagine Nina will make many people smile & like her Mom--young, beautiful and with such a bright future ahead...

Joanna--I almost forgot--There really isn't any cherry in the almond scent, but since the cherry/almond scent is one of my favs--I have been looking for years for the "just right CA combo" for CP soapmaking... :)

Michelle said...

Great review! I love the mud puddle girl line and everything I've received from Carrie is great. Her presentation and the whole line is very unique and creative. Great job Carrie!!

playing with soap said...

Wonderful review!!! I was lucky enough to participate in a Holiday Swap with Carrie~Gigi and I looove her soaps.