Friday, January 11, 2008

Soap Supply Give-Away

I have some soap supplies to give away.  Included:

-Riceflower & Shea Fragrance oil (1 oz.) - Brambleberry
-Rain Cybilla Fragrance oil (1 oz.) - Brambleberry
-Vanilla Cream Fragrance oil (1 oz.) - Majestic Mountain Sage
-Toasted Coconut Fragrance oil (1 oz.)- Majestic Mountain Sage
- Gardenia Fragrance Oil (5mL) - Majestic Mountain Sage
-Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil  (5 mL) - Majestic Mountain Sage 
- Vanilla Creme Fragrance oil (2 oz.) - Oregon Trail Soapers supply
- Ginger Spice Fragrance oil (2 oz.) - Oregon Trail Soapers supply
-  Wildcrafted Kola Nut Powder (1 oz.) - Texas Natural Supply
- "Love" mould (for making 3-4 oz bar?) - (can't remember where I got this....brambleberry?)

To get this batch of oils, kola nut powder and soap mold, I need comments on: 

"What was the most unusual/unique soap you ever used?"  

It could be your own or others.  It could be  good or bad.  Unique doesn't always mean better.  
So ....Comment away!  

I will draw and announce the winner on Tuesday, January 15th.  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I have thought long and hard about this... I have made "Fresh Green Grass" Soap (scented with Fresh Green Grass - I combined two scents)and sprinkled Lemongrass on top. This was a soap I made for fun.

Meghan said...

I'm rather boring in the unusual soap dept.
I once got the Satsuma soap from Body Works.
Totally loved it!!!!!!!!!
I love different smellings, unique soaps but sadly I never buy them for myself.

Heidi said...

A few years ago my aunt gave me the most intricately designed glycerin soap I have ever seen. It was such a detailed design I still wonder to this day how they were able to accomplish it.

Anonymous said...

When i was a child of about 7, mom bought me this soap,which has a dinosaur figurine in it! So i have to Use up the soap first to get to the figurine! it was great fun,watching each day as the soap thins,getting nearer to the dinosaur. It comes in many colors and smells but i especially like the Watermelon one. =)

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

The most unusual soap I've ever used was in woodshop class in highschool. Maybe it wasn't that unusual to most people but that stuff was so gross to me. It was a super hard yellow bar and when you cleaned your hands with it the bubbles would be yellow and your fingers turned a little yellow and OMG it was super stinky. I remember complaining to the woodshop teacher but he said it was the only thing that would take the stain off the fingers :\ Come to think of it, it probably wasn't real soap, it was probably one of those chemical concoctions masquerading as soap. LOL!!! Oh well, that was like 20 years ago so I can't worry about it now. LOL!!

Sherrie said...

Dulse soap. My friend and I made some (we are in Nova Scotia, after all!) Interesting it was. I may try it again with a few variations to make it more appealing and less, well, icky.

Christina H. said...

Hmm...the most unique soap that I've ever used was by Biggs & Featherbelle (who you should try to review on your blog, by the way). It was their Chai Latte soap, a limited editon for the holidays last year. It contained spicy black pepper essential oil in it...something I haven't seen before! It was an amazing soap, and really did smell like chai!

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Your soaps are gorgeous, i am currently blogrolling your blog.

would you consider sponsoring a giveaway on my blog? you could choose the soap, i would post a weeklong giveaway and you would ship out to the winner?
check out my blog for more examples of my recent and current giveaways!
Thanks, Melanie