Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Platypus Dreams - Day One - Hawaiian Coconut

Hawaiian Coconut by Platypus dreams.  (yum yum yum)

As I mentioned in the last two posts about Platypus Dreams, Sharon Elvin sent me a box of pure handmade perfection disguised as bars of soap.  She definitely wowed me.  They are the most beautiful bars of soap I have ever seen in my whole life and even prettier than any I could have made up.

Today, I would lke to tell you about this tropical one.  You can see glittery sparkles throughout and the top is sprinkled with flaky bits of coconut.  It smelled like a hint of coconut with a touch of almond.  I was hoping (as I always do) that it would smell just like a cracked open coconut, but sadly, it did not.  It did, however, still smell delicious and tropical and divine, but it was the experience that completely sold me.

So the outside is nice, oh yeah, the smell is nice, oh yeah, but I entered the shower and began to spin the soap around in my wet hands, and KAPOW!  Suds appeared and they just kept coming!  Bubbles and bubbles with yummy wafts of tropical smell surrounded my head.  I wash my whole body standing just barely out of the water and looked down to see my body all white and fluffy with suds all about.  It is certainly the sudsiest bar I have yet to try so far.

So as I was dreaming in my cartoon heaven with clouds all around me, I decided to try the shaving test.  My legs don't like soap that dries my skin, I am terrible with a razor and the only hope I have is to pray I don't rip off layers of skin as I shave.  The Hawaiian Coconut bar worked like a charm with the bubbles assisting me at every turn, stroke and pull.  Either I was really "ON" while shaving (not likely) or the bar actually eased the chore of shaving my legs.  Either way (I think the latter is more accurate), shaving was easy for me this morning.

I was finally done, and having used all the hot water in my house, I washed off the mounds of suds and dried off. Very nice indeed;  A true slice of heaven in the shower, I'll say!  Now look at the pictures and imagine . . .

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Anonymous said...

The soap is gorgeous! Looking forward to the rest of the week.