Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Post

My mother periodically writes about her experiences that she has with my products.  Here is her story of the weekend:

"I wouldn’t define myself as a miser, but when it comes to my daughter’s products, I use them sparingly or until they beg to be thrown out.  Well, this week-end my granddaughter was over and of course teenagers shower a catrillion times a day.  So I thought nothing of it, until last night when I went to take a shower.  Then I saw my prized soap, (one I had been saving, still in its wrapper, that Jo made for me some weeks ago, that smelled like fresh spring flowers in a green field and it exfoliated) opened by that child.  I was waiting until the soap Jo had previously given me was down to the size of a quarter before I replaced it.  SHE SAW IT, WANTED IT, OPENED IT - AND USED IT…….Of course Jo would say, well that’s what it’s for.  
Ohhhhhhh, she doesn’t understand.  But she’s right, of course. 
If that wasn’t enough, the second trauma of the week-end was when Jo asked me to bring my jar of Crush On You to her that I kept next to my bathroom sink.  I thought perhaps she was going to use it, I use it sparingly, but she’s the artist of these soaps so I would never deny her.  I brought her my jar and she poured it into the sink.  I drew a deep breath and said “What are you doing!?”  She said, “How old is this jar?”  “I don’t know, a year?”  She then gave me a Crush On You that had a magnificent scent of summer fresh air, freshness: Sexy Laundry Day.  “What is wrong with you? I make these products and you save them like they’re irreplaceable.  You need a fresh one.”  I said, “they’re precious to me”.   
I love my daughter. 
Anyhow, the lesson I learned from my two girls is “learn to treat yourself better, lavish yourself today or your stuff will get sour.”  That goes for everything in life………….."

Ugh, my mother who saves her soap for two years... what am I going to do with her?  She can have anything she wants from me and she uses the products as if she can't get anymore.  I am trying to teach her that USING the soap and sugar scrub is good and that I will replace it whenever she needs it.

Hopefully, she will learn.  ;)


Lauren Gropp Lowry said...

She sounds just like my mom!

KC Shortes said...

This post just reiterated exactly what I was lamenting when I decided to open google reader. I had checked out Facebook and saw pictures of my half brothers and their other siblings visiting our ranch in NM. I was insanely jealous and sad. I have always been such a planner that I usually miss so much because I feel like I can't just drop things and decide to just do what I want, I also feel like each trip/event/whatever must be the BEST. Again, limiting myself since that is a tough standard.
Ok so I know this is long but I do the Ashe thing with soaps, food, etc as your mom. Always waiting to break the seal, using ridiculously sparingly until they are way past prime to the point that I am afraid to use/eat but I can't throw them away, I just leave and collect things.
it is definitely a good lesson to just live for now, not worry or count upon later.
My husband is pretty similar at least about the trips and stuff, he is my soap maker and he is better about using his products

Unknown said...

Haha! My mother is similar ;) She's notorious for displaying nice beauty products but never using them.

KC Shortes said...

Oh and did I mention I am only 28 and have been this way since childhood. Not just an old lady thing

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Sounds like my mom too..Well sounds like me too and I am a fellow soaper! LOL

Soapchick said...

How funny is this? EXACTLY like my mum, she keeps my soaps for ages and ages, I go and visit her with lots more of her favorites and lots of new ones and she still has old bits of slimy leftovers that she has been nurturing. Like your mum, she can have anything she wants of mine but I think saving is just in her blood!! It did make me laugh X

Amy Warden said...

What is with these mothers of soapmakers?? I was home over the weekend as well, and saw some sugar scrub in her cupboard that I know is old because I haven't used that packaging for at least two years!!

Erin Napier said...

Aww I think it's sweet. My mum is the opposite, she goes through my soaps like crazy!

SunFall Soaps said...

Oh man my mom is the same way. I give her new soaps to try and she uses it like there will never be another one! I told her she needs to start showering like 8 times a day so I can give her more! lol

Joan's Garden said...

Hi...I personally think it's a good sign. Your mom savor's your goodies.
If it's how she was raised, "use things sparingly, so they will last"...she probably follows that kind of healthy/economical thinking in most everything.

roxta said...

I had to go and throw out two year old soaps that my mum had hoarded. I could tell how old they were from the shape (I used a different mould back then) and I was horrified. She did intend to use them up though, eventually. It's a lot better than when people decide not to use them at all because they're "too pretty". I feel like all the money I spent on ingredients and essential oils is just wasted because I've simply made an ornament. But yes, mums can be quite cute like that. Just complain to her once in a while that your house continually gets flooded with soap and you need someone to keep taking them off your hands. That works for me! xx

Joanna Schmidt said...

Other than Erin, everyone has the same hoarding mothers. Too funny... :)

Some of them are works of art, so I can understand when your child makes something so cool. I'd probably stick MY kid's soaps in a place to admire it for awhile. But I am clearly a user of soap, and have so much of it.

If she buys Dial soap, I'll have to kill her.

Two Blooms Design Studio said...

This is so true, I often use the ends of soaps I make or a bit of left over body butter etc. I'm starting to take full bars now and almost feel guilty about it.


Jackie (Pine Tree Road Soap Shop) said...

That's mom does the same thing. But I will say, she is getting better. I make the soaps, scrubs and body butters in my shop and she can have whatever she wants...please use it!

I know exactly what you're talking about! Thanks for the great batch of soaps. They're doing great!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

2 blooms. Me too. I am doing almost the same thing. I have so many half bars and scraps, that I feel stupid taking a bar that I can sell. That is the "I grew up poor" syndrome that will probably always be stuck with me.

Jackie: I am so glad the soaps are doing well. I'm waiting your next order! I have some great new ones that are almost released. :)