Friday, January 1, 2010

Wish List 2010 - All photos link directly

I made this wish list for family members because no one knows what I like and everyone is asking me what I want for Christmas or my birthday or just in general. ;)

Please understand that I am putting the little and the big things out there because I don't want to filter, but just put down all that I love.

I have no expectations. I am just throwing it all out there.

Love to you all! xoxoxo


"Sweetie" coconut milk soap by cocobong in Germany

No. 8 sheep's milk soap with honey, jojoba & lanolin.
It just sounds like it could lift me up and wrap me in its softness. Mmmm.

This is made in Israel and I love most of what they make (duende74).
I like the off white one or black (large).

Long Sleeved Wrap Top by duende74 (same artist as above)
maybe size 5/6 - dark brown (TAT 3-4 weeks)

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