Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love Is In The Air - Well, At Least Hearts Are

Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday because it feels to me, that it was made up by the Hallmark Company, to sell cards and gifts and all that. Love is important and should be celebrated, of course....it's just strange that a holiday would make us think to celebrate it. Instead of thinking of it as an "in love" holiday, I consider it a love for friends and family holiday so this way people everywhere shouldn't feel alone if they don't have a significant other.

I know... a little sad and serious...... sooooooooo

On to the beautiful soaps I have found! I went tromping through the internet to find some Valentine's giftie items for you to gaze your lovely eyes on this year. I think I am not doing the Valentine's gift soaps and treats this year because of the major changes going on for me, so it's nice to see others and what their creativity has sparked for them.

So Stinking Sweet has some really cute heart soaps for sale on Etsy:

Be Mine & I'm Yours Valentine heart soap with glitter

Whimsical heart soap in a sweet pink grapefruit scent!


Felted heart soap by the rainbow room:

Handmade Goats Milk & Shea Butter Soap
Hand felted in a luxurious blend of Merino wool and Silk.

Heyland & Little, a company in the UK has a cute little soap set

Queen of the Nile made with Goat's Milk


More felted soap.... skull and crossbones. Totally cute and up my alley ;)

- made to order - honey and oatmeal scented felted soap by Persnickety Pelican


Inner Earth makes beautiful cold process soaps for Valentine's Day:

Treat your sweetheart with this cute heart soap.
Scented with a mouth-watering blend of strawberry, blackberry and
raspberry with a hint of vanilla.
ps: Lovely lady, Erin, of Inner Earth Soaps, sent me two of her soaps that I will be reviewing shortly. Another Australian soap master... I am loving the Australian soap makers over here! Or maybe their soap is loving me. ;)

So even though Valentine's Day may not be for you or me, creativity busts at the seams and it's so nice to see what people are doing out there with their soaps. Way to go people!



FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

hi jo. hope you are well..
i just love innerearth soaps. i told her today on twitter how i love her 'unwind' soap. i look at them on etsy often..then find a lot of time has passed. they just have 'that' look to 'em. and she's really nice too!

The Rainbow Room said...

Thanks so much for including my heart felted soaps : )

kat said...

omg, those felted soaps are so cute!

I love, love, love inner earth soaps. Such beautiful creations...

Erin Napier said...
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Erin Napier said...

Jo - thanks so much for including my little hearts soaps here, I'm honoured! I love your selection of V-Day soaps, especially the rainbow felted hearts. Lush.


Anonymous said...
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Dee said...

What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for featuring my soaps on your blog!! Those felt soaps are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love the hand felted soap. I read an article on how to make them, but didn't think they would sell. I see through the comments that they are popular. Very beautiful, nicely done.


Scrub-A-Dub Soap said...

Oh my gosh! I love those little heart felted soaps!!! How cute! Thanks the great Valentine's inspiration.

photogirl said...

love the blog...thanks for featuring my friends hat! love your stuff!