Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pull Up Your Chair ToThe Black Bomb Bar

I think I have a little fascination with black bath bombs.  Why would one want to bathe in black or dark water of any kind.... then I started thinking that activated charcoal water with other skin loving ingredients could feel GREAT!  And why not?  Who's taking notes or giving one hoot about having to clean lightly after a bath.  I, for one, would love to try them.  I think the photo below of someone actually IN a bath after the bomb fizzed away is alluring and I now want a hot bath filled with black water.  Bring it on!

I chose a few "makers" and their bombs from Etsy and ... well .... you could call it BLACK BOMB PORN.

Black Bath Bombs?!?!  BBB: Bodacious Black Beauties.
Tick Tick Bloom.  A creative duo making the biggest bath bombs I have ever seen.  Their photographs are on point and the size of the bombs are beyond my fantastically wildest dreams.
Best friends and biz partners... band together for a colorful bomb business.  They grabbed MY attention and you should check them out!  They sell on Etsy and there BIG BOMB is $20.00, but I bet it's worth it.  Too steep for my current budget, but they are on my list of things to buy!  :)


Others I saw also made me want to sell my soul in order to get a hold of them..... Such as these.... yum...

Universe Bath Bomb by Kiyi Kiyi is another eye catcher!

CrystalMaeCreations has a bath bomb offered has a regal, dark, goth appeal to it.

SouthernBelleSoap has a bunch with different sparkly glitters to go with all there black bomb offerings!


I love the photography in the next one, a bunch!!  Love the rustic wood table with the naked hand holding the bomb.   Nice product shot!!  This one is Black Gothic by ParadiseSkinClub:

Now I will grab one of these, although hard to choose.... I will have a black bath soon, I tell ya!

xoxo Joanna


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

With all due respect, before advertising the Black Bath Bomb made with Activated Charcoal, you should try it in the tub in order to know how it reacts in the water - the water turns extremely dark, some of the charcoal clings to the sides of the tub and it leaves black chunks all over your skin - if people are willing take a bath with this, then take a shower to take off the clumps off their body and then scrub the tub, they can go for it - but really, it is not my cup of tea for a relaxing bath.

ForGoodnessGrape said...

I love the look of the top black bath bomb with Rainbow glitter. This is the cats meow but when I went to the Etsy shop to buy it activated charcoal is not listed as an ingredient and it says it has "food" color. I really prefer body safe colors. I'll keep a look out though or just myself an activated charcoal bomb. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Unknown said...

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