Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Cuppa Jo Challenge Winners

The Cuppa Jo Soap Challenge had three beautiful entries and three beautiful winners! The Challenge was described in the previous post, but here is an excerpt:

Since I've moved into my new place, I often wake up before sunset, take my fresh coffee and walk, in my pajamas and slippers, to the Intercoastal Waterway/Lake Worth Lagoon, which is only one block from my new place.  I love the salty breeze that wafts into my face and through my short hair..... while I listen to the small waves slapping against the concrete ledge I sit on.   Within minutes, the black sky turns twilight blue and from the horizon, emerges orange and pink colors.

It has been a new experience living near the water and enjoying the sunrises I get to witness when I sit out there and ponder life's curves, dips and surprises.
This one may be hard because I'd really like you to tap into your creative mind and try not to be too literal in your interpretations  (if you CAN).

I want all of you to design and interpret in your own way, my morning cup of coffee at the Lagoon.

If I were to participate in this challenge, I'd start of with a layer of soap mixed with sea clay or mud with superfine coffee grounds (this would represent the concrete ledge I sit on). I'd then make an orange to pink ombre technique.  But that's just me.

"Okay, here is my interpretation of Jo drinking her coffee in her new place. (a little background first - this has ocean critters, but smells of grapefruit, coconut and tropical goodness)...

As Joanna walks out onto the terrace of her new place with cup in hand, and looks out to the sand, ocean and sea, and smells the crispness of the citrus, coconut that is Florida (ha, don't know just guessing here that that's what FL smells like) she sees all the critters of the sea. Dolphins, sea turtles, sea horses, and tropical fish rising to the top of the ocean to greet her for the sunrise, while just under the crashing waves there is turmoil in the sea, but the sandy bottom is calm. Mixed in with the creatures, there are a few shells because they have to get stirred up and taken to the beach somehow, right? 

And as she is most every morning at sunrise -- she is at peace...

And as she is most every morning at sunrise -- she is at peace...


"At the Intercoastal Cafe and Reflection Center we strive to cleanse our minds and enjoy each sip life has to offer. We manifest our intention to allow our souls to bubble forth with all the promise of a new day!

Goat milk salt bar with coffee grounds, scented with a blend of espresso and sea spray. Mad Oils micas: Tahitian Teal, Neon Orange, Neon Pink 

(note to self: double check which salt you pull off the shelf... Dead Sea Salt results in a gloopy mess and a need to start over...)"


"The smell brings you in, coffee, mocha, espresso, the grit, the bluster of the wind, the wake me up caffeine of it all in one bar, a coffee flavored world. Here is my soap Cafe Mocha, made with cocoa, brewed coffee, and coffee grounds" 


Thanks, you three, for participating!  Because there is a lack of entries for the last couple of Soap Challenges, there is really no way I can continue doing them right now, while I am so busy at Mad Oils. So....I would love some participation regarding photo tutorials made for this blog or a blog post on ingredients or processes....etc. Hit me up jo@madoils(dot)com.



Janel Gruber-Stevens said...

This was a lot of fun to make, and I did love trying to interpret how I envisioned Joanna drinking her morning coffee. For me it's how I I feel drinking my coffee on those early mornings when I'm on a beach vacation. :)

Dave Smith said...

Wow, i was so skeptical of making my own soap, and after reading your blog and i decided to take the plunge, And my life will never be the same! seriously i loved it, it turned out beautifully and now all my friends and family can expect to get homemade luxurious soaps for all occasions. thank you so much xoxo

James said...

I have the desire to make my own soap. How much work is it and does anyone have any advice as how much room I may need for such a project.

Jesse said...

The most creative idea I have seen so far.

Ayuoe said...

a brilliant idea and creative. Such a sweet cake:D makes the stomach is eager to be devoured.

Katalog Harga

Unknown said...

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Debbie said...

WOW! I've ordered your Mica's and Fragrance oils several times. I'm new to soaping and have just finished a several batches of soaps using your mica's. I love them! I love your packaging and your thoughtful little gifts and cards. I go for the cards before I check out my order. Seriously! They are all on my fridge now. I get a laugh every time I look at them. I think I am ready for a challenge soon so I'll stay tuned to see if you do another. Frankly. I didn't know you had a blog or else I didn't connect it with Mad Oils. Now I have to go back through all your posts to catch up! WooHoo.
Debbie Simpson

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