Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Soap Bar Blog Facebook Photos

I am happy to say that, as of today, we have 327 members on the pretty new Soap Bar Blog Facebook Page!  I have taken a few photos from the group.  Nice soap, right?  Come join us if you'd like.  There is lots of sharing, technical info and all around good people here.

Thanks to all of you for letting me be me!
xo Joanna

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DonnaOShaughnessy's soap
Charcoal soap scented with Lavender and Orange Essential oils.

Debbie's soap
Yesterdays soap. Organic olive,coconut and rapeseed oil with a ton of unrefined cocoa butter. Scented with peppermint, lavender and tea tree essential oils

Michael of My Planet Earth Soap Co.
Honey/Grapefruit (Raw Organic Honeycomb scented with Pink Grapefruit, Lime and Litsea Essential Oils), Oatmeal Stout (Black Amber Ale Beer Soap) and Winter I Freaking Hate You! (Scented with Litsea, Lemon and Bergamot Essential Oils).

 Jan's soap (Sunlit Soap)
Apples a la Mode 

Emma's soap (Spiral Soaps)
Lemon Soul, a sublime blend of lemon, may chang & black pepper essential oils, and a sprinkling of poppy seeds. 

Leanne's soap (aromaNature Savon Naturel)
Locally Sourced Spiralina Soap

 Ceri's soap (Oakwood Soaperie)
Buttered Rose Soap with tussah silk, rose clay, and floral eo's

 Marcie Brown's soap
Cascade Trail. Very woodsy with pine, cedar, fir, spruce, juniper, dirt and earth FOs.



Two Blooms Design Studio said...

All the soaps look wonderful.


Soapchick said...

Absolutely lovely collection, I especially like Mikes 'Winter I Freaking Hate You!' apart from the beautiful soap I just love the name!!

Natalia said...

Wow, really nice collection!!!


Polly McNamara said...

lovely lovely soaps xx

aromaNature said...

Thanks for including me ! I'm just loving all of the informative conversations going on ! Great idea to add facebook to your already great work:)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Joanna, what a blast to see my charcoal soap on your blog! Thank you so much as well for the FB page. I have learned SO MUCH in just the few short weeks it has been up and running. Your effort is so appreciated

Anne-Marie said...

What lovely and beautiful soaps! Each and everyone is so unique and wonderful!

joseph said...

what a wonderful creation.... really nice .. sharing some links of soap commercial. hope you all will like it.