Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Inspiration For The Uninspired

Blueberry Bunny and Strawberry Oatmeal Soap by Bubble Bones

H. Hao-Cheng

Peppermint Pine Bar and Cinnamon Clove by luckyloulou Soap Co.

Laurel and Olive oil soap and wooden soap dish by Pabadoo

I found some beautiful soaps today, didn't I?  All of these look so genuine, pure and honest.

I found some inspiration in my morning post.  Hope you do too!



jen said...

the bubble bones bars almost looked hot processed <3 it!

Olga Kivrina said...


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Thanks for sharing these. they were immediately calming, simple can be so beautiful

Epicure68 said...

Wow, those are some amazing soaps.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely inspiration, thank you very much. I love the top ones, beautiful colours, wish I knew what they used to colour them. Im struggling with blues at the moment, especially aqua/turquoise type blue so that made me smile!

Garage said...

Awesome! They look really pretty for a soap.

Annouk said...

Thank you so much Joanna! You have found some hidden treasures for us!
My organic soaps are 100% natural, without chemicals of any kind (such as fragrances, colors, whiteners, hardeners etc...) with main ingredient greek olive oil.
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Anonymous said...

Those soaps look great! The colors really pop out on some.

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