Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Blogs

Some of you are having trouble remembering how you designed the last holiday soap... "Did I embed it with green stars or were they red...?" Well, a while back I started a blog to keep track of my soaping history. Partly because I didn't take enough pictures of people who are gone and partly because when I look back, I can truly remember each pour and the challenges on that day.

That's what this blog is about:

Soap History - This is actually a great idea for some of you who keep journals in oil stained books (ahem). I set this up for myself to remember the ones I liked. I didn't photograph al of the ones I liked. There was a big batch of time that I totally forgot I even HAD that blog. Oh well. Anyway, If you don't already have a blog just for your soap photos as a soap journal and not your blog blog, you can even send people to it if you get to the point when you are asked to do private label or someone wants to carry your soaps. You can direct them to the soap journal blog and they can see the range.

So get yourself a blog. It is easy and you can upload your work without all that talk. :)

Product Body - Obviously this is where I update folks about my business and announce new offerings or discontinuations.

And then there is this baby... The Soap Bar, which is the MOST fun of all!!

Love you!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate to pick a favorite, but The Soap Bar sure is tons of fun! :)

Britton said...

This is such a good idea!

I don't know if I would use my more business oriented blog, though (which, is HORRIBLY neglected). I'd probably just start a new one!

I bet Tumblr would be an interesting place to start a blog like that.

You got me thinking! :D

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

Brilliant mind! I agree this is a great idea.
Dunno whether I'm coming or going half the time though, so to do another blog may send me whacko...I have my flickr, which is ok but I neglect that too much.
I do love your soaphistory pics though. Lovely! x

Joanna Schmidt said...

Teresa: no need to pick. You can go to all of them!

Britton: I go to your blog all the time hoping to find pictures of whatever. You are a great photographer, you know. Plants, Hawaii, soap, have the eye. A lot of people don't. Anyway, I go looking for eye candy, and I've missed it (wah). I love getting people to the thinker.

FutureP (tiggy): Flickr is brilliant, Tiggy, but I find that in general, people just come in a swipe whatever they want for their own purposes unless you know how to block that. I know they can do that from a blog, but they have to go looking. People who want photos, search flickr first. That's just my opinion. I'm skewed. My whipped shea butter photo has been used without my permission by other B+B companies as THEIR shea butter photo. Every 6 months or so, I look up whipped shea butter in google images, find my picture and see what companies are using it.

I got off on a tangent, huh?

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...'re right! I've noticed your pic a few times yanno. People are stupid if they think that others don't notice. If we're all into the same things, we're all gonna see what others are copying etc. but we won't start that debate again! perhaps I should have another pics blog then! x