Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soaps And Such

When I was doing some poking around looking for whipped soaps, I found And as far as I can tell they only make one called Pink Sugar Aquolina Type Luxury Whipped Soap shown above. To me, this luscious treat looks like a very thick graham cracker crust delight with a colored whipped cream topping....maybe strawberry...cotton candy cream? So the first thing I did, was order the Pink Sugar Whipped soap and asked for almost all the soaps in sample sizes. Okay, get this. You can buy really nice sized soaps for $3 each (while her site is still under construction) AND you can order a mess load of samples for only $1 a piece so you can try them all without breaking the bank. Brilliant! I love it when everyone wins.

I get the box in the mail over a week later and every drop is so good smelling, I am having trouble not eating the sample slices. My full bar of Pink Sugar has exceeded my expectations. It doesn't feel whipped or light or strangely textured, but it looks a bit airy. I love it! The brown bottom definitely runs brown when it washes off, which is fine with me, because the soap is so yum I could care less what's dripping down the drain. The lather is great. Copious and perfect for my shaving-the-leg test and all around lather up the body. I didn't have to work very hard to work up a lather which is a sign of excellent soapmaking. I like that!

Unless you know what Aquolina Pink Sugar smells like, I can only describe it smelling like cotton candy - sort of, except it doesn't have that heavy sticky sugar smell.

I haven't taken my own photo of the partially used bar so you can see a close-up of one, so I'll add that as soon as I can. I just needed to get the post up. I will review some of the others I received from them as well combined in another post along with photos for you to see. In the meantime, here are a few pictures to make you drool. The greyish swirly one is
Ocean Spray Luxury Salt Soap and the blue gorgeous lad is Texas Cowboy!! YEE HAW! I'll have more to report soon.


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