Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cold Process Soap Recipe (Vegan)

If you are looking to make cold process soap from scratch, you should familiarize yourself with some instructional soaping sites. One of which is Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen. Rebecca Dillon describes the whole process here.

The site provides this basic recipe for beginners that one can work off of but a great starting point to get your toes wet:

Basic Cold Process Soap Recipe

19oz. coconut oil
19oz olive oil
10oz palm oil

16fl oz. distilled water
7oz lye

At trace: 2oz. fragrance oil of choice

Follow your basic soap-making instructions for a great bar of soap with a creamy thick lather!

Remember, if you are ever substituting an oil for another oil in a recipe, you must recalculate the recipe to get the correct amount of lye needed since different oils & fats have different SAP values. Never make a substitution without completing this crucial step.

There are about 40 more cold process recipes on her site so if you want to play around there's a bit of guidance.


Anonymous said...

That IS a great site. I'm glad you put one out there. Maybe I should try....

Love your blog, Joanna!

Michelle said...

I love Rebeccas site! Lots of good info there :)

Anonymous said...

your basic soap-making instructions are very informative. Thank you! I'd like to add them to my collection of soap recipes here. Of course, I'm going also to put a link back to this page on you site as a credit. lease keep up posting more recipes and instructions. Thank you!

Celeste Jean said...

i am excited to try this one day... thanks for some great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

you might want to consider replacing the palm oil with something else - palm oil is frowned upon by most vegans due to the forests and habitats being destroyed to farm oil palm trees

Joanna Schmidt said...

There is sustainably harvested palm oil from sellers who are members of the the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) where I get my palm oil. There are conscientious palm oil users out there and palm oil is a wonderful addition to soaps.

go read my post on this:

Kurt said...

C'mon! well I think it is alot easier just to tell people to use coconut oil instead of palm oil - over 85% of the palm oil out there is not "sustainable". MOreover, this sustainability movement is trying to get plantations to be considered "forests" by the UN, because of thier properties of taking up CO2. Nevermidn that the actual forest with its rich biodiversity, that was clear cut, was doing the same job.

So I guess, yes, they are sustainable but not for non-human life.

Palm oil is an uneeded ingredient in almost everyhtign out there, which can be substituted with oils that come from countries that do not race to the bottom.

soap recipe said...

Do you know what soap recipe for scars and stretchmarks? I need a hot/cold processed soap recipe to get rid of my stretchmarks and some scarring.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the recipe but I have to protest that this is NOT a vegan soap recipe. It contains palm oil therefore cannot be considered cruelty free or vegan!
all the best