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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mr. Do Right

I have been struggling with what soap molds to use since I started soaping. And I know you all have, too, in your own way. There are so many to choose from! Brad made me one that is awesome, but lining has been a challenge. Then I found that incredible instructional video that saved me from losing my mind, because the step by step instructions were so easy to follow, I actually could take freezer paper and line any mold without creases! Every time. So when lining wasn't an issue, shape became my focus. I bought some molds from someone and they produced very square bars, which is lovely, but I want to also make rectangular bars that is easier to hold in the shower.

There are silicone molds, wooden molds, wooden molds with silicone liners (Elizabeth of Longcroft Soap uses those and makes such AMAZING soaps!) and hdpd molds. You can use old food containers as Anne Marie of The Soap Queen blog wrote about just the other day, pvc pipes, tupperware.... there are so many vessels to pour soap into its fantastic. Well, I found some great soaps out there perusing the soap world as I do and asked the soap makers who made them what mold they used, and sure enough, BOTH of them said, "Mr. Do Right on Ebay. Wouldn't pour into anything else."
REALLY? So what did I do? I bought the 3 lb molds (set of 2 with a cutter mold and soap slicer). See the pictures.

The Ebay listing photgraph

My patio photos

Tonight I made Pumpkin Pie soap in one of the molds and I will reveal pictures tomorrow. I am so happy. Rick, the guy I dealt with is really great. He is a good business man and I'd deal with him again and again and I'll be buying from him again! Very soon. Like tomorrow. ;)

update:  You must line these molds.  :(


Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Can't wait to hear how the soap pull out from the molds~ I HATE lining the darn wooden molds!

Happy Turkey day!

Body Natural Soap said...

I love his molds. They are absolutely wonderful. The Cutter I couldn't do with out.

Anonymous said...

I do not have such a good review of Mr. Do Right. My molds that were supposed to come with lids did not and come in the box with the molds, and even after going through the process with E-Bay for complaints I never received them. Mr. Do Right did not answer e-mails either. Also, the slots for cutting are a bit wide thus leaving too much area for the cutting blade giving me uneven cuts. I also find that I have to line each time with freezer paper to get the soap out neatly. Just my experience. I do still use them because they are what I have, and all those issues can be overcome - it was just a disappointment as they are not what I thought they would be.

Teresa R said...

I'm curious about these because - some day - I think I'll be needing some good molds. Keep us posted!

in-between said...

I'm curious about these too - let me know if they hold on to your scent once you unmold and if they are dyed by your soap dyes at all...

Ann-Marie said...

oh those are the ones i was looking at too. I am sad to hear they were not the best solution you were looking for.
your pumpkin pie soap looks amazing. i made one last week--and although it's not as pretty as yours, it smells amazing!

Anonymous said...

Mr Do Right, I love all of my molds. I now have 10 sets and my business is now booming. Thank you for including your phone number in your listings on ebay, I've had problems with emails getting through there before. You were so helpful with my sticky soap. I let it dry longer in the mold as you said and now my loaves are perfict. I really like the cutter slot width to allow my flat or wavy blade to be used. My expensive Upland mold, was giving off a rubber smell and then started a transfer of my fragrant smells, can't have that. Your HDPE food grade is what the big soapers use and now I know why. Your prices are better than anyone's anywhere, but your page after page of positive feedback from soapers like me is what sold me. Will be back for more.

Candice said...

Warning, Warning, Warning.
This seller sent me the wrong item. Asked him to send me the right item. Wouldn't answer so I filed with Paypal. Guess what, because he can show proof of delivery they wipe their hands of it. Filing a police report for fraud, filed with Etsy and Paypal is reopening the case.
Bad, Bad, Bad.

Anonymous said...

I poured some soap into my 'No Liner" molds more than two weeks ago and I am still waiting to see if they will release.
I can see that I will have to eventually manually cut the soap out. I could have gone for cheaper molds if I had known that I was still going to have to line the mold for each and every batch....... don't know how they can ethically, let alone legally get away with calling their molds "NO LINER'

Unknown said...

I've got to agree with those less than glowing reviews. Mr. Do Right claims that if you just put a little paper (6" wide or so) in them, flopping over the edges, you'll be able to just pop the soap out, doubling production because you can do it after only 6-8 hours, then let the log cure. Not true at all. I still had to cut the sides with a knife, then take apart the mold, and cut the pieces off. This after 24 hours, and still it was pretty sticky. Also, the bases warped immediately, making it harder to put together after the first time. I also find them too shallow. Finally, the cutter wants to pop apart while in use, and there is no way to keep the ends in during use. All in all, I'm not too happy with the product, but just today, I decided I will NEVER buy from him again as he is tacitly threatening another seller on ebay with trademark infringement. She offers a similar product which seems better made (curved corners, deeper channel) at a lower price. What a bully!