Monday, November 10, 2008

Soap and Such

Macon (my oldest sister)

Me (top), Desmond (my son), Macon (my sister in green)

Last weekend, my sister, Macon visited for the weekend. She lives in Charlotte and it was sad to see her go. I think my son was in a deep sad place for a good 12-18 hours. "Can't she visit for a year next time, Mama?"

Macon is a good auntie. We love you, Macon, Bacon!

.............On a soapy note:

I made soap tonight but I hate when a soap sets up too fast and it can't get decorated in time. Frustrating. I am also not sure how I feel about the scent I created. It is a combo of rhubarb and yuzu and I can not tell if it will chill out a little or stay zingy. The rhubarb is a bit sweet for me. I am more of a tart and fresh person, not a sweet and sticky lady myself, although some Product Body scents go that way (Due to popular demand and I must roll with my peeps, y'know;)). Ah, well, we'll see the reveal tomorrow and I'll keep you updated on the scent and where it takes us. No fancy colors this time. Very basic with sparkles on top. Green ones for the holidays!

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Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

I bet Macon loved her visit too! Sisters are the best~ good looking family!