Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Rama

I had to. What else could I do on this day? Feature the cold process method?

Hope on a Rope - Barack Obama Soap by dugshop

Of course, the very popular hand sculpted soap bust of Obama .....and

Obama Mt. Rushmore Candle by windyscreations

I must say, I am really relieved the whole politics thing is over. I have been amped up and stressed out because of the constant political chatter throughout my daily routine. In the news, the T.V., papers, discussions, small talk, white noise, dreams.... I was ready for the end of it and I am now officially in need of a few days off that I can't take, but I might just pour myself a glass of wine and remember that breaathing is allowed now.

Oh yeah.


Heidi said...

I agree...I'm glad its over.

Suds to Love said...

I'm glad it's over also, the commercials on tv were certainly getting over the top in the senate race in Oregon!

Michelle said...

I was still getting calls from volunteers on the eve of voting. It was insane.

The soaps are so fun! Love em.

Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

now those are some cool products!

charlie said...

Nooo! That first one looks like Prince Charles, not Obama!!

Donna said...

Now everything is Obama!