Monday, November 17, 2008

Thea + Joe

Thea Gilmore

Joe Jackson

I went to see Joe Jackson play in Miami Beach on Sunday night and it was amazing. He has such raw talent and it is so apparent LIVE. When I was younger, I didn't like his stuff at all. Steppin' Out, to me, was boring and I just hated it. (I know. Harsh.) Since then, I've heard much more of his music, and I have to say, over the years he has cranked out some eclectic, interesting and talented work.

So back to Sunday... Brad and I went to the city and saw Joe Joe. We couldn't have chosen better seats than what we got. We were about 15 feet from the stage, saw every expression the man made, AND I was up against the side stage, so I had my own table for my glass of ice water. I was spoiled rotten. The songs he played sounded different from the originals because of his musical originality. It was absolutely stunning. What more can I say?

The opening act was a British singer/songwriter, Thea Gilmore, who I fell in love with instantly. What a honey! She has a beautiful voice with a nice tone to it. So give a listen. It's a bit sad, though, so just warning you..... in this video she sings with Joan Baez (second voice).

Music nights are good.


Anonymous said...

That is one terrific date!

Oh, I couldn't watch that video; I'm too hormonal.

gracefruit said...


I saw him years ago in Germany and he was fab.