Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Costumes

Halloween was different this year for me. Nina went trick-or-treating with her friend, Marin, around the neighborhood without adults (big step for THIS mom.) Desmond went with his buddies while Brad hung back a few feet to give them some space. I stayed home and gave out the candy which was great because I got to see all of the costumes and ask everyone who they were dressed as. I hadn't ever given out candy on Halloween before. I was always on the other end, either as a child begging for the loot or ringing doorbells with my kids reminding them to say thank you.

Nina was a dead girl this year (on the right)

Desmond was a military man with his Star Wars boys

Now we are in November which is rapidly whizzing by (yikes!) and Thanksgiving is approaching. All of a sudden, I feel like I am wearing stupid girlie flats on a downward sloped ice ramp where I can't stop even if I had to. Do you know what I mean? Is that just age? Aging? OY!


Nell said...

Great costumes! And thanks for making them say thank you. I think manners will get you everywhere in this world. And far too few kids have them anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Dead girl"...LOL! Whatever happened to fairytale princesses and cute little animal disguises? Well, at least the kids got to share the same face make-up kit, right? ;D

Kelley said...

Awww...I miss those days with my girls. Don't goes so fast!

gracefruit said...

Time speeds up as you get older. I didn't believe it, but now that I'm older, I see it's true. Apparently it just gets worse, too! Yikes!

Joanna said...

Dead girls, wellllll. I think I am SO OVER the princess thing. Oh, how many princesses did she portray? I can not even tell you how many - I lost count. She's 11 now, so they got into being scary. :) They're giggle heads together. They are as scary as Sponge Bob. This picture was the only moment when they are together that they aren't laughing uproariously.

Last year, Desmond was a chocolate chip cookie (I handmade the costume). Big difference from this year. He is not a wee man anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

Got a pic of the choc chip cookie costume? I'd love to see it!