Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Costumes

Halloween was different this year for me. Nina went trick-or-treating with her friend, Marin, around the neighborhood without adults (big step for THIS mom.) Desmond went with his buddies while Brad hung back a few feet to give them some space. I stayed home and gave out the candy which was great because I got to see all of the costumes and ask everyone who they were dressed as. I hadn't ever given out candy on Halloween before. I was always on the other end, either as a child begging for the loot or ringing doorbells with my kids reminding them to say thank you.

Nina was a dead girl this year (on the right)

Desmond was a military man with his Star Wars boys

Now we are in November which is rapidly whizzing by (yikes!) and Thanksgiving is approaching. All of a sudden, I feel like I am wearing stupid girlie flats on a downward sloped ice ramp where I can't stop even if I had to. Do you know what I mean? Is that just age? Aging? OY!


Nell said...

Great costumes! And thanks for making them say thank you. I think manners will get you everywhere in this world. And far too few kids have them anymore.

Teresa R said...

"Dead girl"...LOL! Whatever happened to fairytale princesses and cute little animal disguises? Well, at least the kids got to share the same face make-up kit, right? ;D

Kelley said...

Awww...I miss those days with my girls. Don't goes so fast!

gracefruit said...

Time speeds up as you get older. I didn't believe it, but now that I'm older, I see it's true. Apparently it just gets worse, too! Yikes!

Joanna said...

Dead girls, wellllll. I think I am SO OVER the princess thing. Oh, how many princesses did she portray? I can not even tell you how many - I lost count. She's 11 now, so they got into being scary. :) They're giggle heads together. They are as scary as Sponge Bob. This picture was the only moment when they are together that they aren't laughing uproariously.

Last year, Desmond was a chocolate chip cookie (I handmade the costume). Big difference from this year. He is not a wee man anymore. :(

Teresa R said...

Got a pic of the choc chip cookie costume? I'd love to see it!