Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost The Challenge But Ikea Was Fun

I can't believe it. I had two days to go with this writing challenge and I missed a day.

I was doing physical work all day yesterday and then at 5pm, Brad and I drove over an hour away to IKEA. Fun store. We had fun, ordered some stuff, sat in chairs, ate Swedish meatballs and perused their Marketplace. If you've never been to an IKEA, it's like a huge warehouse. The upstairs is set up like a maze comprised of decorated rooms displaying different furniture, decorations, etc. Each piece of furniture is tagged with an aisle number and place number. At the beginning, you are offered a tiny pencil only a child would feel comfortable drawing with and paper to jot these numbers down. If you want to buy it, you have to go at the warehouse at the end of your journey through IKEA and locate your aisle and place number to find your furniture in a box.

I love rolling around the decorated upstairs because I like to see how other people decorate and I have dozens of rooms to peek at and sit in if I want. Living rooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms, kids rooms, and on and on. Then when you are done with the hour long tour of the upstairs, you follow the stairs to the lower level (the Marketplace), where you get your shopping cart and find all the dishes, baskets, rugs, towels, fabrics, vases, ...everything you saw on display in the rooms upstairs except for furniture.
This is where I like to browse, but this is where Brad wants to hurry through. He wants to rush through this part, get the furniture in boxes and get on line before everyone else does. Well, we have a tendency to close the joint, so I understand his thought process, but stop rushing me!

So I lost the writing challenge with two days left in November. I've had an exhausting week, but Friday and Saturday were more than busy, they were jam packed with LONG hours and last night I just fell asleep.

Thanks for coming, reading and supporting me. You have NO IDEA how it pulled me through. You guys ROCK.


Nell said...

I love IKEA. I know the quality isn't top notch. And the furniture is somewhat cheap but the design ideas are priceless!

Heidi said...

Oh bummer! But I can understand why you would fall asleep after a trip to Ikea. That place is complete over stimulation!

Anonymous said...

In my book, you didn't lose at all, but made the most valiant attempt, which is what counts with me!

I hadn't been to an Ikea in decades, but that only because we don't live close to any. We'd be bankrupt if we had one in town...scary. ;)