Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soap Crack

No. I am not on soap crack. My soap cracked. I have been reading up on why soap cracks down the middle of a soap loaf while it sits in the mold and now I'm feeling a bit disappointed I didn't figure it out before this morning. The last time I had a crack down the center of my soap loaf when I was about to unmold the soap, I hadn't been finicky about covering the soap well when I put the soap to bed. I assumed it was the coolness or humidity factor that caused the soap to change too rapidly and freak out, get cracked. Well, the last four days, the humidity level is low, not it's normal 100% and the temperature went from 85 on Sunday to 60 on Monday and has been 60-75 every day for days. Lovely perfect blue sky kind of days.

I made high peaks and didn't want to put a wood lid on the soap mold and squish them, so I put a large plastic storage box on top of it with a tablecloth on it. "Hmmm, this should do." And as I walked away, I thought to myself...."should I stick this in the oven for an hour? It's kind of chilly and dry in here this morning", walking around in my UGGS, long pants, and hooded sweatshirt cradling my hot coffee cup like it was was the only heat source on the planet. My fears were confirmed. My pretty soap is now cracked and not so pretty as it was this morning.

It's dark and my soap is still in the closet, so I'll photograph it tomorrow. Probably a "nothing to see here" moment.

Now, forget the crack, how about some soap PORN tomorrow??

Goodnight soap queens...


sherrieg said...

Do you remember way back when before you made soap? Glad you've come to your senses and joined in the crackin' good fun. :)

ruth27 said...

(just catching up on posts)
Hmmm. My soap usually cracks when it gets overheated. And I get that TD crackling look also when my soap gets too hot. Maybe the FO? Is it spicy?