Friday, November 21, 2008

Is It Playdough Or Baby Poop?

I think the soap fairy came to visit my muse so she could slap her around a bit because I'm not sure what happened here! My soaps are coming out ... different.

I have to laugh. I was making this soap and had all my ingredients in a row ready to go. This batch used avocado and shea butter for extra moisturizing goodness and it is scented with peppermint essential oil and chocolate (peppermint patty). My idea was to make the topping a green and sprinkle with dark cranberry seeds. Have a creamy center, like a peppermint patty and smell like heaven.

I used titanium dioxide again to lighten a portion of the soap first, so the color would really POP. For some reason, I couldn't find the Key Lime Green I used in my last batch, so I grabbed the Lime Lab Color from Brambleberry, thinking, "How UN-green can it be?" Well, I added a bit, and it looked like baby poop (for those who have had newborns know what I'm talking about). Then I added more, but it didn't get darker, it just got more like intense baby poop. I either did something terribly wrong, the bottle was mislabeled or Brambleberry might want to consider renaming this strange color to Limey Yellow?

I love the other green so much, but this one must go. Allow me to describe this dreadful loaf: The lower section/bottom is straight soap, then cream colored titanium dioxide colored soap center, then topped with the famous poop "Lime" colored soap, sprinkled with cranberry seeds and sea salt and the black you see there is ground vanilla beans. I know, you are asking, "What was she thinking?" I'm telling you, the soap fairy kicked my muse off my shoulder and I was left hanging in the wind.

So that's three crappy batches of soap IN A ROW. I'm done. I hereby declare no more bad soap (cross fingers).

First bad: Guacamole Salad
Second: Crack
Third: Baby Poop

Looks like a menu. Ah, yes. I'll have the guacamole salad to start, then I'll do crack and finish off with baby poop. Thank you very much. Oh, can you bring me a lovely chardonnay with that?


Heidi said...

Ha! I have the same thing happen. Its so frustrating!! But, you never know what's going to happen after it cures for a while. I cut my sister's soap yesterday and wanted to cry, but after a few hours in the air it wasn't so bad.

Satsuki Rebel said...

Does it smell like poo? If the answer is no then it's still good for something. I liked the suggestion on your last post to chop it up and add chunks to another batch.

Joanna said...

Heidi- Please post your failures, too on your blog. It is humbling and good for us all to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

Satsuki: No, it does not smell like poop. It smells like a gourmet peppermint patty. Gourmet! It's just kind of hard to look at.

FuturePrimitive said...

i thought it looked a lot like lemon meringue pie. I read down to see if it was but then - oh dear!
~Maybe minty lemon meringue!

Amber said...

I feel so bad for your poor, slapped-around muse, but I CANNOT stop laughing at your menu. Might I recommend a Riesling instead for your post-crack baby poop consumption?

Heather@Twin Birch said...

You are a riot, Joanna! It looks really nice, actually!

Sometimes the soap angels know better than we do, eh? :)

My soap is cp, but I love doint MP also!

Happy Thanksgiving, darling!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jo, I honestly, honestly think it looks pretty cool myself! It reminds me of a funky Key lime custard pie. I think if it smells great and soaps well, then it's a success.

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

This soap is actually pretty cool. It looks like nothing I've ever seen before. It sorta reminds me of banana cream pie made with green bananas and sprinkled with red and black ants. Kids will love it! I'm with Teresa R-if it smells good and lathers well, it's a keeper.

Body Natural Soap said...

I dont think it looks like poop.


I think it looks rather nice. The lime green is kinda cool.

I went through a rough spot recently to. Maybe its in the weather. said...

I eat it everyday. My dads poop smells better than that

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