Friday, November 14, 2008

Tower Of Salt

I love salt bars. They look chunky and dense and they feel great when I use them as my facial bar in the morning and right before bed. These salt bars are made with fine sea salt and sprinkled with larger sea salt crystals on top. Scent? Sexy Laundry Day. It's for a wholesale order...they are loving the scent. I think the Sexy Laundry Day has the most awesome smell in soap. Mmmm!

tower of salt

salt bars close - click the photo for a REALLY close up peek

My daughter saw me setting up my soap shot this morning and asked if she could set up the bars differently for the camera. Her tower was much nicer than my haphazard jumble of bars. My soap display looked like a pile - similar to a pile of football players at the end of a play.

I will have to keep a couple of these bars for myself and make many more batches soon, but cut them much smaller. These are HEFTY suckers.


Body Natural Soap said...

Mmmm they look wonderful. Much less crumbly than mine did. I am going to have to try this agian.

Heidi said...

I need to make some salt bars soon...I need to make soap soon period. Making wholesale orders would be so nice...wish I had the contacts to do that!

Nell said...

SLD is really a winner! I bet your house smells amazing!

Anonymous said...

I can testify that this soap feels and looks and smells as wonderful as Jo says.

I just got a brilliant idea...I'm going to cut the bar I have in half so I can use half and keep the other half to continue freshening up my underwear drawer.

LoveMichie said...

Joanna I do believe you have become a master of soapmaking. Absolutely beautiful!